Love in Disguised

Photo Source :

Photo Source :

Prem with frustration punches the  bean bag down on the floor with a  thud  ,

As Aisha say hurts his male ego ,

Restless Reactions  causes him trouble , 

On the way to the mall ,

Aisha frowns at him ,

Prem gives a devilish smile in response ,

Irritated Aisha gets off his car ,

And marches towards the entrance of mall ,

Aisha pushing herself inside a saree shop to  select a proper wedding saree, 

Feeling frustrated Aisha wishes for Prem′s entry ,

But …heroic  entry of a handsome guy  forces her to select a wedding saree ,

Grrh…she cruses herself ,

Narrating her very epitome  shopping memory to Prem,

Prem gives her a devilish  smile again  ,

And says “I see   you are in love with the Superheroes In Disguise who come to your rescue”,

Aisha feels hurt ,

She hugs him with her tears ,

This makes him laugh aloud.

As saree  shopping is and will be a tedious affair aways  .

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


With lots of Joy and Happiness ,





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