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Today on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes  we have a hot and happening guest  who looks tough like the lead actress of  Dr .Bhanumati  on  Duty an Indian Sit Com which airs on Sab T.V.and also pens story with tough characters who are playing with demons .

Please welcome NIdhie on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes with  M&M Chocolate Candies

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I  hope you all will enjoy  my small conversation with NIdhie here .

So shall I  start  now….

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1.How did the thought of writing ‘Dancing with Demon ‘come across?

My journey into the world of storytelling began way before I graduated with honours in English literature and was offered scholarship by the university. The early formative years took me into the world of the Panchatantra and classic English literature while I also watched my mother paint. At the same time, I got introduced to the joys of adventure sports too since my father was in the Armed forces. On hindsight, I think these early influences shaped my storytelling ability, albeit in a visual way.


I read voraciously through my teenage years and graduated to Booker prize winning novels quickly. I think reading good literature is hugely instrumental in widening mental horizons and giving the reader an ability to comprehend complex characters, their emotional and physical graphs, along with a unique insight into the geo-political landscape of the times the novel is set in. All of this is a fantastic bedrock and training ground for good writing.


I started experimenting with poetry and short stories initially, and a lot of the early writing during my childhood happened under the open sky in my garden, lying on the grass, dreaming about heroes, action and adventure.


At the age of twelve, I had written what might now be called a Novella. It was about the daily exploits of a girl and her group of friends and how they explored a new part of the nearby jungle every day, in search of wild animals, thrills and adventure. It was autobiographical ofcourse and my delighted parents had it printed and bound into a small book. They treasure it to this day.


Studying English literature in college helped me enormously in comprehending and interpreting works of literature and soon after, I started to write book reviews for national newspapers. I also wrote short stories every single day during those college years and I think that has helped me hone my craft.


I realize now that writing a drama set in the world of combat sports, which most critics have called visual and action packed, is no accident. Dancing with Demons is a sum total of all my early influences and experiences.

2. Why did you choose the sport ‘ Boxing ‘ in this story of yours, any specific reason?

I was brought up in an army background that exposes you to adventure and the outdoors very early on. Having studied in various army schools across India, I trained in karate, horse-riding and attended adventure camps. Camping, trekking, hiking along with all the unforgettable misadventures shaped my love for the outdoors.


As a teenager, I watched live boxing matches as well. They fascinated me no end. Two men beating the hell out of each other while spectators egged them on. I noticed that every time a boxer bled in the ring, the audience cheered even louder. Human reaction to violence only shows how deep and primal that instinct is and this totally fascinated me back then. I started to watch boxing championships on the internet. Soon I was following the sport like a fan and started going for the big fights to Madison square garden while I was studying filmmaking in New York. I met boxers and coaches out of curiosity and interest. I spent time inside boxing gyms and also started to train and spar.


Personally, I love the raw athleticism in this sport and the fact that it is a skillful craft, needing strategy and forethought. Also, when the boxers fight, it is almost like a dance in the ring, lyrical and rhythmic, and that has drawn me to it visually as well. Given my exposure and interests, I think the stage to write Dancing with Demons, was set long ago.

3. Who is Nidhie Sharma?

A passionate storyteller.

4.How would you justify the actions of Sonia Kapoor and Karan Pratap Singh in their fight against the demons?

‘Dancing with Demons’ is a romance drama set against the backdrop of combat sports in India. It is the story of two fallen souls who must vanquish their inner demons to become the people they were destined to be. When the story begins, Karan Pratap Singh, an  angst ridden boxer and the mysterious and volatile Sonia Kapoor are angry and emotionally damaged by their pasts and when fate throws them together in Mumbai, their personal demons and pasts collide and stir trouble in their fragile and uncertain present. “It was some night. Thunder and lightning playing, chasing one another like two furtive, carefree lovers, oblivious to the havoc they were wrecking. Sonia put her hand out of the window as the bus started to hurtle down the highway, to Mumbai. A sliver of lightning fell on the trees just ahead of them, setting a large bush on fire. Then thunder roared again… Perhaps this was an appropriate setting for what was to follow…two tumultuous lives on a head-on collision course.”


As a writer, I didn’t justify Karan or Sonia and their actions.I was only interested in exploring if they could find light at the end of the tunnel and that process of exploration is purely organic for me. It has to happen naturally or not at all.


5.In this book which is your favorite part?

There are many chapters that I enjoyed writing. Karan’s penultimate fight in the ring intercut with his internal fight with his demon would be one. Another is Sonia’s when she goes to the liquor store and what happens there. I chuckled as I wrote that chapter. I also enjoyed the love-hate relationship build-up between both these volatile characters throughout the novel.

Thank y′all for listening to our conversation .Hope to see you soon.

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 Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes 


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