Saurabhi’s love for sober music

“Saurabhi lets go on a long drive with your favorite  Renault KWID  ′s latest music that has amazing jingle singer ”Nishant says with a cherry cat smile playing on his lips .

“Yep ”Saurabhi says .

Seeing her warm smile , his heart twists in pain as their friendship is going to end with his family forcing him to part ways  with Saurabhi  .But his heart  says a big ‘No’ to this  act and screams at him  by making his heart pain a lot .

Saurabhi relaxes herself by pushing her seat little behind .Closing her eyes she questions “Are you going to leave  me like you did in your  college hay days ”.

No ways ! he screams his heart out .

Saurabhi smiles at him through the tears forming in eyes and says “Baby…I  affirmed for a healthy life  for us ”

Applying brakes Nishant kisses Saurabhi′s cheeks and restarts his car by whooping in delight  ”

With Lots of Joy and Happiness ,



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