From a mother to another daughter

Dear Child,

Don′t dare to prove me wrong .Uff this society has tainted my name  as a person who fights with you  constantly .

Wrong ! Wrong ! . I  am not at all like that , it’s just that I  feel so insecure about my own emotions whether to treat you as my daughter or daughter in law and on the top of this my son like a bawara nodes his head in  ‘Yes ’ for every little thing you say .  I  feel a little perturbed about this .

Sorry …. but as a sensible parent of my son  , I want to punch little sense in you  and then again the fear of to give  or not give   crops up in my mind .So please stay calm  do not fret away .

All said and done our society has changed in what respect  child ?Please specific .

You fall in  love with my son and come  to our family  , have you ever  change your mindset towards us ie your lovers family or even tried to pacify me if … I am upset  . You have taken  me for granted and think that I will eventually accept it  but you are wrong my child in having perception .It is I who have brought him up to this level so..even if he or you  did so-called thing  of ‘Falling in Love ’ you both have cruelly crushed my dreams  and desires but still ..I am talking to you and my idiotic son  .

You always will and forever will be your father′s digly  (darling) there is no doubt in this  but gives us the equal respect .

Make me feel like your mother  at least try calling me “Mother in love” instead of your MIL or mummy ji  

Thank you dear child for listening me out ! I  hope you  will prove to be wonderful being …


Love ,

A mother 

PS Note : Thank you Ma for arguing with  me on the is debatable topic and for giving me  some positive points for writing an article on this topic 


With Lots of Joy and Happiness ,





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