Interview with Falguni

She is an authoress you has a funny temperament .Her stories will take you to another world along with her characters that she pens for us  .

Please welcome the author of ‘My Last Love Story’ Ms  F2  on  the blog i.e Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes with a strawberry cake

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So here  I start with my  chit-chat session with Ms Falguni Kothari ie. F2  so  peeps please be patient enough ..and have  your ears and eyes blued to this interview .


F2 Speaks

1.My Last Love Story is all about…?

Love, friendship and life. I believe love and friendship are ingredients that make life worth all the trouble it is. My Last Love Story revolves around the relationship between three friends, their families and how each friend protects and supports the other in trying circumstances.

2.Did any one from your family inspire you to pen your character ‘Nirvaan’ in such a classy way?

First of all, thanks for thinking that Nirvaan is classy 🙂 Usually, Gujjubhais are the last people who are called classy. No one person has inspired Nirvaan. His personality is an amalgamation of many people—people who’ve inspired me by their strength to face adversity and their demons with a smile, ever-present, on their face.

3.What prompted you to pen the male lead protagonist going through a trauma which will kill him after a short period of time?

Well, there are three protagonists in this novel: a woman and two men. It logically followed that one of the men needed to go, disappear…die? (I couldn’t kill him!) …in order to allow the other two to become a pair.

4.What are your upcoming projects?

I’m working on Book 2 of my mythic fantasy series, The Age of Kali.

5.What is your secret wish list?

Since last year, I only have one thing on my wish list: to live/ retire/ settle down in Scotland. 🙂

Thanks Niharika, for the interview and hosting me on your blog.

I hope you all enjoyed listening or reading this interview  by Falguni with me .

See Ya Guys,

Until Next..

With Lots of Joy and Happiness,





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