Nishant’s India


Saurabhi…………., Nishant wakes up with the beads of perspiration forming on his forehead as he sees a bad dream with his Saurabhi being shallowed by the deadly wolves.

With a thud he gets out of  their bed in search of water .Nishant gulping  the water down from the jug which he finds in the kitchen counter wishes for peaceful and every green India which he and everybody in his country would love to see and want it for real  , but will that day come ….he questions himself  .

At that time he sees Saurabhi –his wife lighting the lamp of their house temple and she then closes her eyes with palms folded in respect she  prays hard .And seeing Saurabhi  praying  hard and sending the healing effect to universe he find hopes and smiles to himself by muttering a poem 

India is Ma, 

Blue Skies , Ocean , Glaciers , Rivers , Tributaries are her body guards ,

If some thing happens to her  and her children ,

Immortal Souls will mortified  them ,

And this will give us a hope to live without fear ,

Again and Again,

Jai Hind !.

With Lots of Joy and Happiness,





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