Book Review of This Time It’s Forever by Aditi Ray Bose



When Aisha Ahuja receives an SMS from Arunavo Banerjee, almost a year after he had walked away from her, asking her for a restart, she is initially unable to decide what to do. But she finally relents.

As Aisha flies from Mumbai to Delhi, memories flood her mind. And she re-lives her relationship with Arunavo all over again. She is both wistful of what had happened in the past and also hopeful of the future.

However, what unfolds when she finally sees him in the evening is something that is very unexpected.

When it comes to love, what is ‘forever’? Through a journey of friendship, love, tears, and acceptance, this romance novel sees the author challenging our understanding of ‘forever’.

Book Review 

 This Time It’s Forever by Aditi Ray Bose is wonderful masterpiece .This book is all about love , rejecting  of each other   sentiments , acceptance and loss.It is all  whom to do want to live with forever  .

I loved the way in which Aditi has penned Aisha and  Arunavo ′s story in between her flight  journeys from Mumbai Delhi and visa versa .There no emotional drama or ego clashes   between them .I  found the lengthy letter to be interesting part .Since men prefer to formal in all ways walks  of their lives  .

This book earns brownie for that .

I want a  happy kind of ending  next time from you Aditi , please promise me …

The cover of the is OK  it could have been better …likes  black  skies  sparkling with stars and moon with Arunavo smiling at Aisha via the moon .

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All the above thoughts are mine  , I  do not intent to hurt any one′s  emotions here .

5 Hearts for this book.

Recommended Read! .

I thank Author Aditi for sending the ARC for my review .


With Lots of Love and Kisses,




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