Guest Post by Karthik K.B.Rao

Because  Krishna′s flute  comes down to read KKBR ′s book ie  The Mahabharata code only  to complain to his master about humans writing various versions of the real epic Mahabharata .

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Today KKRB who techie by profession  will be penning a Guest Post for  us  here on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes so that flute will stop complaining about our behaviour .

Over to you !. 

Guest Post by KKRB 

What has NASA found out from Krishna’s land ?

I am afraid that will give away the entire story of my book 🙂  . To describe without revealing much in my book, NASA receives various mysterious signals from this unknown planet mostly pertaining to Indian mythology like om, swastika etc and one of them is an open invitation to their planet simply stating  “Athithi Devo Bhava!”  This could be interpreted in many ways. Did they mean ‘guest will be treated like god’ (come explore our planet and there is plenty of oil here!!) or did they actually mean ‘guest IS GOD!’ (treat this as a SOS call , please come and save us!)?

With Lots  of Joy and Happiness ,

Sweety from Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes





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