Interview with KKRB OF The Mahabharata Code

Krishna′s flute is still annoyed and now KKRB  is going to chat with the flute ,lets hope for  the best we at Romance Writer With Cup Cakes are keeping our fingers crossed .

Over to you both ❤ Sweety !

1.What is ‘that element’ in Mahabharata which has attract the masses like you ?

Mahabharata will continue to remain an evergreen book forever and intrigue people of all backgrounds and age groups. The book is more relevant in today’s times as we have progressed enough and have caught up to large extent to finally understand some of the technologies described in this epic like test tube babies, use of biometry, weapons of mass destruction etc. Also in terms of manifestation of grey areas present in us humans this epic appeals to me atleast! But if i have to pick that one element that has attracted me the most, it’s got to be the Bhagwad Gita! We are living in times where people are not content and are chasing happiness, getting depressed at the drop of a hat when our desires are not fulfilled. I believe the Gita has all the answers to alleviate our miseries!
2.When Krishna went away from this world, why did Dwarka submerge itself is there any scientific reason to it?

Maybe he made an appearance on this planet to save humanity in general and not necessarily just the city of Dwarka! As i have described in the book, as we all know we are currently living in the age of KALI yuga and we are all by ourselves. Each person pays for his karma here without any divine intervention whatsoever and will be born millions of times until he is free of sins and attains salvation. Dont expect Krishna or any other god to miraculously appear in this age to say, detonate a nuclear bomb which is about to explode or save the modesty of millions of nirbhaya’s under distress on this planet.

To give a modern-day example(might not be a perfect example) until the construction of a flyover on a busy junction is complete the person who designed the flyover is available on standby to rectify the flaws in the design, fix them and test them. After the flyover is thrown open to public don’t expect this engineer to be still available all the time to fix the ever appearing potholes! The flyover was constructed to help public reach their destination (salvation) and you will have to live with these potholes whether you like it or not!
3.From where did the thought of writing this book crop up in your mind.

Combination of many factors like being born in a vaishnava family , narration of the Mahabharata every night when I was like 6-7 years old by my grandmother at an impressionable age, BR Chopra’s Mahabharata on doordarshan in the early 90s, my cosmopolitan neighbourbood in Bangalore where i grew up interacting with people of all backgrounds,language and faith which made me question my own faith, my two cute little kids Kaustubh and Raghav who inspired me to finally document what i had in my mind for 12 long years before it was too late!
4.Who is Karthik Rao ?

I am a software professional currently working for a leading MNC in Bangalore. I am married to Sushma and have two little boys Kaustubh and Raghav aged 5 and 2. The character NR and to some extent Srishti in the book are Karthik Rao! If I have to describe myself in 3 words it would be procrastinating day dreamer!
5. Which quote from Mahabharata is your favourite?

Karma is a bitch!  🙂
6. Why did Duryodana refused to accept Krishna’s vivarup darshan, give scientific reason?

Did you mean duryodhana refusing krishna’s offer of peace or vishwarupa darshan itself?

If it was vishwarupa darshan, he was probably living in denial!

With Lots of Joy and Happiness,



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