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Blurb :

The Game of Blogs  activity got bloggers acquainted with 5 very different and intriguing characters and they had to weave stories around them, and add some of their own characters. This ‘method to madness’ is what gave rise to myriad stories, all revolving around Shekhar, Tara, Roohi, Cyrus and Jennifer and their intertwining lives. The book also owes its name 6 Degrees to this interwoven nature of the story and the fact that bloggers all over India had to connect with each other to build this story. Read the journey of Game of Blogs .

The 3 best stories of the lot from the teams Team ByLines, Team Potliwale Baba and Team Tete-e-ten have been compiled into the book 6 Degrees, and we’re sure you’ll reviewing the book, because where else will you get to read 3 different stories with the same characters in one book?



Book Review 

6 Degrees Game of Blogs is a well crafted book .It has been written by  3 teams  of seven to eight bloggers in it   .There are three stories in this book ,

  • The Awakening
  • Entangled Lives
  • Missing -The Journey Within

These stories revolve around the following characters like Tara , Shekar, Roohi , Cyrus and Jennifer. 

Story 1 : The Awakening is all about a happy family of three who has an unexpected guest or intruder who disturbs their joy filled life by his closeness  towards the female species of the family and its all about aliens  — the blue and gray ones who are invisible to our naked eyes .

In this story I  loved the end  where Roohi feels something about selfishness.

This story reminded me off ‘Badi door se aaye ’ an Indian Sit Com.

Story 2 : Entangled Lives further takes us to an unknown world where a murder takes  place in the house of happy family of three .

All the members of the happy family includes the guests yes….guests in the story 2 there is female guest too whom the female head of family ie Tara feels insecure about .And there is this inspector Java who with his eagle eyes starts  his interrogation which was quiet interesting to read .

This story is all about ambition , hatred and jealousy .

Story 3 : Missing -The Journey Within explores our hidden tendencies of pride , hatred , jealously and other positive and negative qualities  of human beings .It’s also Dr. Aryan Ahuja′s soul feeling incomplete , Cyrus′s  heart ache when he finds  the truth about his family  and   Roohi′s disapperance .

This story really gives the    needed  boost to story 1 and 2 .Without this story the book would not sell like hot cakes as this touches the nerve of human emotions . 

Thank you  Team ByLines, Team Potliwale Baba and Team Tete-e-ten 

for Six Degrees Game of Blog 

Beyond Expectation :Narration , Situational Drama and Dialogues

Loved : Roohi ’s friendship with Shekhar and Cyrus .

I have no words to express for the  book which blogadda has come out with .I  tried to find out some flaws but alas I  could find any .It was  a pleasurable read for me .

All the emotions of Tara , Shekhar , Roohi , Cyrus , Jeniffer , Dr. Aryan Ahuja, Dr. Sneha Phadnis  and others are penned in way that  it will  not allow  your eyes  tear  away from reading Six Degrees Game of Blogs .

One small  request to the guys at blogadda please give reviewers 3 weeks reading time . Within 7 days it becomes hard for us to read  an awesome book like Six Degrees .

A 5  star rating for this book .

I  thank blogadda for sending 6 degree game of blog across .

With Lots of Joy and Hugs,



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