Sidewalk Love

Nishant loves the touch of Saurabhi′s lips on his  cheeks ,

Feeling her soft lips on his cheeks  he decides to sidewalk her 

By making Saurabhi his  bride ,

But  But Saurabhiiiiiiiii is tough nut to decode  , 

So in order to break the tough nut called ‘Saurabhi ’,

He has to take her to see LalBaugh cha raja ,

As he is wish-fulfilling goodness lord,

Photo Source : www.

Photo Source : www.

The way in which he is sitting looks so dynamic ,

And he wished to gain such a dynamic confidence to kisses Saurabhi′s lips that are quiet inviting  ,

Finally  after restricting himself  from not touching her red lips with his equally  juicy lips  for several moments  , 

He favours her red lips like nectar which his soul wanted badly  ,

Without which Nishant′s life would probably end…

 With Lots of Joy and Hugs ,


via Daily Prompt: Sidewalk


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