Love Sandwich

Nishant Stares at his Princess Myra  in disbelief ,

Take me in Dad she whispered before anyone would hear,

Tears Tumbes down her eyes as if it sandwiched her heart  ,

What happened to you  is just her father Nishant Quirks ,

Saurabhi eyes blazing  with fire towards the society ,

That society which says   something rubbish about  her princess Myra behaviour ,

Behaviour and character are developed in both ways ,

Internal and External,

But then….why distaste a judgement made by a person ,

Looking at Nishant and Myra she whispers “Nothing is Impossible”,

So Go Run!and Get to whats it  proposes !,

To reach your destination she says with sly smile   ,

Madame Nishant smiles wickedly ,

Making his princess Myra blossom in surprise ,

That is what Love is all about .


With Lots of Joy and Happiness,





via Daily Prompt: Sandwich


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