Guest Post by Jatin


Today on our blog we have Jatin K. Please welcome him on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes with  a purple rose .

Liitle brief about the author

Take an ounce full of imagination and a scoop of humour. Mix them well. Now put a few teaspoons of feelings and emotions and simmer until it smells good. Add spices for taste. Put the mixture on the platter of dreams and garnish it with a few peanuts of desires and some herbs of passion – that’s all it takes to be Jatin Kuberkar. Jatin is a software engineer by day and a passionate writer by night. When not tangled in software codes, Jatin likes to express his inspirations in the form of poetry, short stories, novels and essays.
Now read a  Guest Post by him 

Describe your favorite Canteen Moment from your college dairies?

 I was born and brought-up in Nizamabad. It was then, a rustic town. For us Canteen was the street side tea stall. Every moment I spent at the stall can be called a favorite canteen moment for me. The stall was a one-stop-shop for every college goer. Tea, biscuits, samosas, cigarettes, ‘packets’, ‘bottles’, ticketsto the latest movie in the town and what not! Rajesh, fondly known as ‘RajAnna’, the owner of that stall was, for us, the richest man on earth. We often owed him more money than the size of our pockets those days. He was our guru, our philosopher, peace maker, messenger, hoax buster, daily news report and an unlikely friend.

Speaking of the Canteen memory, there is one that I can never forget. It was during the fresher’s party. In our college, an informal and friendly form of Ragging was excused only on that day. As I was parking my cycle at the stand a stranger from a group called my name. I guessed by his appearance that he was my super senior. My heart started pounding at the hint of being ragged. He took me to Raj anna’s stall and asked me what can I do for him. I smiled and said ‘anything decent’. At my answer, they asked me to sing a song, dance on the street and buy tea for all of the group. I did everything, (actually enjoyed doing it). I thought, that was it, I was done with the ragging episode. But the climax was still pending.

That day, I wore a white shirt to the college. One of the seniors said that they were very happy to meet me and they wanted to give me a memorable gift. Saying so, he took out his pen, wrote a signed message on my pure white shirt. What else then, the whole group followed the suit. Not only that, they sent me to their class and all the thirty odd members signed on my shirt!

I still cherish it as one of my best.


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