Book Review of A Reckless Night




Blurb :

Varsha had no interest in starting a new relationship after what she had been through with her ex. Her sister sets her up on a blind date and to her disappointment; her date is scorching hot and smart. An irresistible combination!!

Kris had no plans to go on a date while he was on a business trip but was there to cover for his buddy who could not make it. He could not believe his luck–he did not want the night to end.

With passion fueling, the casual night they never expected to be anything explodes into a reckless night powered by desire they have never felt before. She leaves behind the man who set her entirety ablaze knowing there was no future to the thrilling night. She could not let anyone get close to her heart, a heart recovering from bruises of her past.

Will a reckless night lead to something meaningful? Will Varsha find the man who will love her while fueling her every desire?

Follow Varsha’s and Kris’s life as they give a reckless night a new life and build a future together.

Book Review :

I received the ARC through the Author for my honest review .

I love your character sketching of Varsha even though she is confident and independent she has her own  of fears of her past ,present and future which people these  day do not understand …as they set themselves on the fast track mode .


I  am drooling over Krish magnificent and charismatic persona .


With cutie pie Myra around A Reckless Night with its  magical powers has been penned nicely .


I  believe that ” Kids can create  A Magical Unexpected Love Stories like this in real life too  “


This KITAAB of yours is imputable  and अवर्णनीय (indescribable)


Soon it will be  the  next best selling book.


Have no words to express A reckless night can  create such a lovely romantic tale is quiet unbelievable.


5  cuppa cakes for this book .

      This book ‘A Reckless Night ‘ is surely the   next best selling hot romance .

Love your romances .      

Anyways once again I Thank You for sending in the ARC of  A Reckless Night for my feedback.


With Lots of Love ,





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