Book Review of Destiny Embraces by P.G.Van


Blurb :

“You like that too? It drives me nuts when you run your stubble against my neck”. I said my voice muffled against his burning skin.
“Baby, I want you now”. He said with a deep hunger in his voice and added pulling my lips to his, “now, here. Let’s finish what we started this morning”.

Sameera was having the best time of her life, after getting engaged to Nick, her childhood friend and now her fiancée who has promised to love her endlessly.
Nick is ready to tie the knot but Sameera wants to keep her promise to the Rajput family, who is also Nick’s extended family.

In spite all the pressure from all directions to get married to Nick while they are in India, Sameera tries to hold her ground so she can stick to her plan.

Sameera and Nick experience shocking and surprising incidents and wonder if they were random or if they are linked to their destiny.
Follow Sameera and Nick’s life as they enter a new phase of their relationship, as their destiny embraces them to answer the questions that have haunted two families for decades.

Will Sameera and Nick solve the mystery behind a love story that happened decades before they were born?

Note: This book is part of a series and can be considered a stand along. The book 1 is all about how destiny brings Nick and Sameera back together and book 2 is what happens after they get engaged.

Book Review :

Destiny Embraces is the continuation of Nick and Sam love story as they try reaching new heights.

Now that both of them are madly in love with each other and they almost get married but…the head of the female lead Sam does not allow this to happen so … soon since she has been fighting her past demons and rekindling her friendship with royals who were searching for her and her sister Nate keeping the delicate thread of their dead father’s history in mind .The author has penned this story very well by giving equal importance to all her characters.


I love Nick’s stubbornness which I found in the initial pages of her book.


Their emotions and passionate encounters have moved me

Finally the ending where Samarat and Rhea get hitched and their sweet and humorous romantic beginning     caught my attention for the longest time. 

5 hot lip sticks  for this book.

❤ you PG Van!


With Lots of Love ,



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