Interview with Simi <3


So Simi K Rao has an interesting profile she is  practicing physician , photographer , poetry and AN Author of :  

1,The Accidental Wife

2,Inconvenient Relations: Book 1 of the Arranged Match Series

3,Now and Forever: A Sequel to Inconvenient RelationsKindle Edition

4,Milan (A Wedding Story)

5, An Incurable Insanity.

Hey all her books have real content  in a fiction piece .But today on my request she has beautifully penned her answers to my intriguing questions .

Do read and appreciate it !.

Interview with Simi

1.     Who is Simi K. Rao in real sense apart from being a wife, mother, doctor and writer?

That is a tough question to answer and to be truthful I’m not exactly sure. I started off as a young girl who’s only dream in life was to become a doctor. My parents encouraged me and gave me all the support to help me achieve this goal.  But afterwards reality sunk in and the search continued. Then I became a mother which was a great joy and very fulfilling but it wasn’t enough. I felt a creative void that was subsequently filled by the writer.  Still, to be frank, I continue to seek definition as my ambitions, goals and desires change with time. Like Emerson said, ‘Life is a journey not a destination.’  


2.     When did the thought of writing contemporary romance come to your mind?

I began writing contemporary romance a few years ago. It just happened. Nothing was planned. I was watching a dreary soap opera on Indian TV and got frustrated with the story line. I thought I could write something better which the modern Indian woman could relate to. I also decided to incorporate some of my own experiences as an immigrant in my writings. I began to blog and was surprised and delighted by the response. What started as a dalliance became a habit and everything else followed.


3. Is ‘ Milan’ your love story?

No, it’s not (I wish). It is an idea that came to me after I spent a week in the beautiful hill station of Coonoor. I was so enamored and enchanted by the experience that I had to incorporate it in a book.

4. In your book ‘Inconvenient Relations ‘you brought in an autistic child character congrats! for that , Is Simi .K. Rao going to bring out a romance between a normal person and person with slight problem anytime in future since you living in country where all are given equal respect ?.

Thank you 🙂 My compliments to you. You appear to be a serious reader, not someone who skips through to the juicy parts.  

The character of the child Surjit in Inconvenient Relations, provided me the opportunity to share a personal experience. I also wanted to elaborate that autism is a condition where communication and social interaction are impaired. It shouldn’t be considered a mental retardation. Unfortunately, autism is often misunderstood and children with this condition are often neglected and abused especially in a country like India where mental disorders are treated as a stigma.

As for featuring a character with a disability or other shortcomings in a romance, I already have as in my book ‘The Accidental Wife’ where the heroine after meeting with a tragic accident suffers significant physical trauma besides losing her memory.


5. Apart from multifaceted person what Simi .K. Rao loves to do the most?

When I have time, I love to read, listen to music and travel.

6.There is sudden surge in romance writers what do you think about this?


Really? I wasn’t aware of the phenomenon. I can only guess at the cause. Perhaps because romance is relatively easy to write –especially for someone taking up writing for the first time. Also, it sells since it is a popular genre. Personally, I don’t want to define myself as a romance author–my future books (when I get down to writing them) will be in the category of contemporary fiction.




With Lots of Love,




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