V2 ki Shaadi

PHOTO SOURCE : Pinterest

PHOTO SOURCE : Pinterest

Vivek and Vrinda are called as V2,

It sound like Vi2  for VRinda ,

And for VIvek it sounds  like Vru2.

Both laugh at each other ,

Vi2 looking into Vru2 eyes says “ MARRY ME !”,

You are too direct Mr. Vi2 !,

So vouch.

Are you not waiting for this day Vru2 ?,

Vi2 questions ,

Kissing Vi2 lips she nods ,

By making him hug Vru2 tightly with unsaid emotions,

As Shaadi is a special bond between two special friends .


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs,











Princess Sanheeta shivers ,

As Saaket her pasts appears in darbhar,

Maharajah  this is ….Saaket my friend from Mumbai,

Ah to keep your hands in pocket is new fashion trend isn′t it Mr.Saaket ?,

Maharajah queers,

Umm..I am sorry your majesty ,

I  love your daughter Sanheeta  your highness ..,

And want to ask her hand in marriage.

Gutsy guy ,

You look  like some gypsy  guy ,

Ha I thought so….,Saaket says ,

But I will take my love from this place in front of you all and nobody will come to know,

Dramebaaz Sanheeta mutters softly ,

Her mother laughs and hugs her ,

Prince Saaket why you are here ?,

Maharani I am here to provoke your daughter and prove my love to her ,

Saaket you are Dramebaaz according to her ,

Her mother Chandralekha mutters in his ears ,

Seeing this friendship between Saaket and Maharani ,

Maharaja understands prince Saaket′s plan..,

And smiles to himself ..looking at his daughter princess  Sanheeta knowingly  .


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs,




Jagadbandu & Jaagariti ‘s India

For Jagadbandu ,

India is all about Culture ,

Values, Ethics and Celebration ,

For Jaagariti,

India is all about Acceptance ,

Tolerance and Understand-ability .

But India has shown Jagadbandu and Jaagariti,

How it is biased on the grounds of Caste , Creed and Disability ,

In actuality Mother Earth (India) has   become an handicapped women herself  ,

Thanks to all of  us ,

As we have misused the Freedom of speech , expression and other expression that which  available in civics textbook ,

And by making ‘Violence’ as our birth right .

Thanks  to the lucky stars,

Jagadbandu  and Jaagariti see India as helping nation,

Having no   EGO ,

People working in peace without having any jealousy  ,

And disabled people progressing in every walk of their lives both personally and professionally ,

By giving ‘hope of survival’ to the mentally retarded people. 


With Lots of Hugs and Kisses ,



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Kahaan Mehta ‘s Friendship

PHOTO SOURCE : Best Love Sms

PHOTO SOURCE : Best Love Sms

Kahaan Mehta ′s  friendship ,

Is like million light years ,

Without him me Keya Mehta   is not complete ,

His smiles touches my soul ,

By making  yearn for more .



Pilot Kahaan Mehta′ s laughter creates a racket in my hearts,

Tch Tch my mind screams a lot ,

When someone says something ‘bad’ about my Kahaan ,

But his just relax attitude  ‘awwhs’ me  as if he is the 10th world  wonder ,

And I Mrs. Keya Kahaan Mehta laughs with him in a rhymer .


Winds buzz our ears ,

Leaves sings in the glee,

Creating a truancy between us called “ Friendship””.


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs,