Jagadbandu & Jaagariti ‘s India

For Jagadbandu ,

India is all about Culture ,

Values, Ethics and Celebration ,

For Jaagariti,

India is all about Acceptance ,

Tolerance and Understand-ability .

But India has shown Jagadbandu and Jaagariti,

How it is biased on the grounds of Caste , Creed and Disability ,

In actuality Mother Earth (India) has   become an handicapped women herself  ,

Thanks to all of  us ,

As we have misused the Freedom of speech , expression and other expression that which  available in civics textbook ,

And by making ‘Violence’ as our birth right .

Thanks  to the lucky stars,

Jagadbandu  and Jaagariti see India as helping nation,

Having no   EGO ,

People working in peace without having any jealousy  ,

And disabled people progressing in every walk of their lives both personally and professionally ,

By giving ‘hope of survival’ to the mentally retarded people. 


With Lots of Hugs and Kisses ,




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