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Photo Source :www.dreamstime.com


Photo Source :www.dreamstime.com

Heya , how  are y′all ? . Doing  great or just fine ?. I think winter is picking up as Christmas is not far away  from us …….I guess  so .Almost all the preparations for this festive season  must have been  finished  by now . 😉  

I  can see the warm smiles on your faces  ,GUYS .Some of you must be  just waiting for 25 th Dec  so  that you all can enjoy  a grand feast with your family and friends 

So …… enough with  these kinds of  formal pleasantries, as these  things  will go on and on   for long  time by wasting our time and my ‘About me’ will remain blank  for ever ….

Sorry to a break like this … 🙂 


Hmm…. how do I  introduce myself ,  like a baby or adult who extends  a visiting card to the opposite person as part of his/her introduction .

I  prefer being like a baby rather than a curt adult .

Let start with My Introduction now … 

I  am Sweety from feelgoodwithmeblog.wordpress.com ,I   am a special  and unique child to my parents  (a god gifted child) as my right hand is affected by spasticity   having  a bucket full of wishes that I want it to be  to fulfil  .With all these ….I am graduate and  an awesome , wonderful and passionate teacher .

My hobbies are 

  • Playing book cricket , Bingo and Carrom with my friends and family .

  • Scribbling romantic  short stories in a notebook before going to bed .

  • Singing old Bollywood songs  especially ‘badhan pe sitaare le pete ho ye ‘ .

  • Interviewing known and budding writers  by pulling them out of their den.

  • Writing Book Reviews.

  • Writing book blogs @funtimewithkirshuandniharika.wordpress.com.

  • Making sweet and positive waves in the minds of young talented people around me .

  • Doing some creative stuff which keeps me sane .

I  have still not  yet decorated my Christmas tree   .The artefacts for this festive season  which I  have got from the  local market  are staring at me  mockingly . 

Shh….. the latest news is that , I am trying to reach out to interview an author who latest  book is  making on  waves on Harlequin India’s Website

Holding on to your breath’s for that .You will come to know more about the author and other stuffs @feelgoodwithmeblog.wordpress.com 


Photo Source :  www.dreamstime.com



With Warm Wishes 


Sweety alias niiharika2015