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Guest Post by Rubina 

There are many ladies wishing to be single forever, what is your reasoning in this regard?


Hhaha.. You are asking me this question 20 years too late :D. Your question made me look back and retrospect if I would have done anything different. I don’t think so. What we are today is always due to our past actions. Some make us stronger while others we either try to forget and move one or choose a different path than we would have if that incident had not taken place.

But the generation after us is different. Their wants are different, their needs are different. They have grown. I take great pride in my daughter and my son, even if I don’t agree with their viewpoint. When I was small, the topic of marriage was very prevalent in all households. Parents would start collecting things from the day a child was born. But today, it’s all about education in most of the households in big cities. I am only speaking of the social territory I associate myself with. The middle-class households.

The day I was born my mom must have wondered if I will marry a good guy and as I grew older, she must have worried if I can sustain a marriage with the ideologies I had. I too worry about my daughter. But the focus has shifted. Will she have a great career? Can she fly out of the nest? Marriage is not in the equation for me at all. So, if as a parent I have changed, how can the youngsters of tomorrow not change?

‘Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan’ (Food, Clothes, and A House) is not the worry of the menfolk alone today. Women have to think in the same way. If I tell my son, first think of building a house and then a family, I say the same thing to my daughter.

Today women are educated. Today they think a career is not an option but a necessity. Asking for Rs. 100 for shaved ice (Gola) from your husband is no more a sign of love, but dependency. But that does not mean stay- at-home moms are wrong. It’s a choice they made. I made. If it was forced on me, it would have been another story. But today, girls don’t want that choice. They want their independence. Rightfully so. And they are equipped enough to have it and until men grow up to that level, many women and a few men too would love to stay single.

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Guest Post by P.G.Van

Today on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes is Ms P.G.Van avery talented person  who has penned many novels like ‘Destiny Decides’ and  ‘The Destiny Series.. ’

Destiny Decides is one such book which has come for a blog  tour and is  hosted by  TBC .

Please welcome Ms Author P.G.Van our guest with some cupcakes as she will be sketching a fun-loving girl′s character  for us  here .

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Character Sketch of P.G.VAN




Where do I start? I was born and raised in India and San Francisco is my home now. Growing up, I challenged everything anyone ever told me (Imagine that J), figured out a way to laugh and have fun even when I was in deep trouble. I played cricket on the streets growing up and took advantage of my extra few inches to be part of the basketball team at school. Overall I did everything a typical girl would not do, I learnt how to swim by being thrown into the water, I learnt how to drive by driving my grandpa’s jeep into a ditch. You get the picture?

            I am an engineer who drives like a maniac (i.e Race car driver), writes to bust the stress from everyday life, loves to spend time with family and friends and most of all I love to shop. I have a weakness for high quality boots and purses. A day spent at the mall burning calories and money is what I would have considered a fun day before I started writing but now I prefer spending every alone moment writing.

            I went from watching American Football, following Formula 1 racing, ransacking the racks at the mall in my free time to typing away endlessly. Writing has changed the way I perceive things, I notice the smallest of the smallest details about something I see that I never used to notice before I started writing. When I see someone I record their features and word a description for them in my mind and decide later if I want to use the characteristics and features for my book characters.

            Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in a Ted Talk referred to creativity as an external force and I feel that creativity found me on a beautiful highway on a sunny California morning and got me started with writing and I am so glad I am able to keep writing.


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Guest Post by M.V. Kasi


When we are  reading  a book our  mind immediately  get  connected to some kind of music  and after reading “The Same Old Love”my  mind took me to this pop music from 90s .

Today on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes  a very special guest is going to come here to explain how a rellibelious person can  be good at heart .

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Can a bad or rebellious girl be a good person at heart?

Definitely. There are always two different sides to everyone. We behave differently towards people we like and people we dislike. On the flip side, we also categorize people around us to be good or bad depending on how they behave towards us or towards people around them. As humans, we look for black and white and most of us are uncomfortable with grey, which is how all of us are programmed. People can make mistakes and still be good at heart.

My lead character Mahi is a hot mess. She has abandonment issues and commitment issues. She let her abandonment issues drive her to being rebellious and a bully. She caused heartache and trauma to several, making it very easy for people to hate her and fear her. But at the same time, she truly loved her aunt and her cousin. She was also a good friend and a girlfriend. According to the people whom she had bullied, she would be considered bad and rebellious. But according to her cousin, aunt, friends or her boyfriend, she would be considered good at heart.

I am hoping people empathize with Mahi’s character even during her bratty teens, when she hadn’t completely redeemed herself. I personally find it impossible to relate to perfect characters.



I hope y′all like Author M.V.Kasi′s guest post  . If so please do read her book and spread the word amongst your romance  addicted friends .


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