Vivek’s Love


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Vivek sees Vrinda’s daring entry into the auditorium of KL college ,while his  speaks about Prons and Cons of being an actor .Vivek froze for a moment on seeing her .The perfume that she wore found it way to his nostrils that made him sneeze a lot .People’s  sneering gazes  made her throw her egoist attitude on towards them   .

Some feared her whereas Some made fun of her  by saying ‘Why the hell Vrinda  has come here  when she cannot accept the fact that  once her good friend  has  now become an “ actor ”on his own accord ’.

Hearing their harsh , condemning words , she goes and cries a lot and feels like ‘committing  suicide’ by drinking poison because her family and friend’s  circle do not like her a bit.

While she was thinking on these lines , Vivek keeps his hands on her shoulders  and  looks an her enchanted face .It looked like a pearl set 🙂 for him as without this pearl called ‘Vrinda ’ life would  not have been a better place to live in .

I have written this prompt for Wordy Wednesday #1 – December 2015 #WordPrompt


With Lots of Love and Happiness