Photo Source : Happy New Year 2017

Photo Source : Happy New Year 2017


Saurabhi ..

I love you the most ,

Oh yes  same feeling here ,

So  what are we going to do this valentine ′s day ,

My Valentine ,

We are going to eat and sleep ,

Nishant says with a warm smile ,

And goes back to his snoring business .



With Lots of Kisses ,





Love Freedom

Photo Source : Pinterest

Photo Source : Pinterest


What is wrong with you dear ,

Love Freedom is important for all, 


What ….Radhaaaa !,

Acceptance of such freedom is true broad minded ness ,

And freedom from  bonding ,

Understood Vithal…



Love is Purple

Nishant darned himself for  being an nerd ,

As Saurabhi  has been bitten by ‘nerd fear bug’ ,

Because he hurt her  sensitive heart ,

By using his wapish tongue against her  ,

And hence this is effect of it ,

That she  now  does not talk to any one in their  family ,

Due to which his entire love life has turned up side  down ,

Since then her Love  towards him ,

Has Turned Purple .


With Lots of Love and Hugs ,



Pink Bud

Pink Bud blossoms ,

Into a new beginning ,

Spirited in eternality ,

When Anupam holds his Riana hands ,

The smooth feathers  threatens  to  crumbled ,

If he does not secure her ,

Or Preserve her .

Similarly    IndiaWasOne  Author ,

Has penned a beautiful poem about a person′s journey across several ocean and his rich taste   ,

To read it please click on the link given below.


With Lots of Joy and Hugs ,