Induleka’s surprise

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Suresh annoyance mounts ,

As his parents sprout out their surprise ,

Two tired eyes meet other set of enthusiastic eyes ,

Suresh heart becomes stonic ,

Induleka feels pissed off ,

Seeing his ruthless behavior ,

She decides to leave ,

On her way she realizes ,

Two  hands holding her back .

Tch….her heart mutters ,

Turning her head to see,

Dhruv…Samrath…..she shouts ,

Giggling at her ,

Who are you ought leaving , Aunty …,


No one  she queers ,

 Only to find Suresh laughing at her ,

Climbing down the stair cases ,

He hugs her from behind ,

Mrs .Parikh lets have our ‘Chai Date’,

Kissing her lips ,

Suresh touches Induleka‘s  surprise ,


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs,



Lion’s Angel

PHOTO SOURCE : Pinterest

PHOTO SOURCE : Pinterest

MEGRAJ roars at his parents like a lion ,

Born in SIMHA RASI  ie Leo  Zodiac Sign ,

He  has an independent thinking ,

That makes his parents helpless ,

Keshvi a Gemini cum Aries  ‘GOODNESS QUEEN’ ,

Tries not being a good girl ,

She rebels with her parents ,

Because of her creative nature and wearing her heart on sleeves ,

But if Keshavi ′s determines ,

She does .

Megraj  finds it hard to accept Keshavi′s presence in his life ,

One day in his 30 years of  the Lion King ′s  married life ,

MEGRAJ finds KESHAVI in list of top 20 CEO′s  of India,

Megraj feels hurt and backs off the stage ,

Keshavi half turning her head calls out ‘ MEG… ’,

MEGRAJ stops in his tracks ,

Kissing her lips passionately finally accepts her in his life as  ,



His daughters “Rohini” and “Roopini” shout aloud ,

Hugging all of them ,

MEGRAJ feels  like “Lion’s Angel ” in  his wife Keshavi ′ s body .


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs,

Nehaarikaa (SHOBITA)



Kalapini WEDS Rohan

PHOTO SOURCE : Bong Appetite..

PHOTO SOURCE : Bong Appetite..

ROhan eyes falls on multi colored Pepsi candy  stall, 

Dragging  Kalapini out off the heavy discussion   on  marriage and his ex  sultry Radha Krishnan,

He forces Kalapini  to taste his  favorite Kala katha  Pepsi candy ,

She forgetting her nippiness joins him by taking  sip of kala katha pepsi candy from his packet,

And kissing  his lips  she seals her wedding deal.

Rohan whoops in joy ,

Aparna  Krishnan their college professor′s heart dances in joy on seeing this sight  ,

And she lights two lemon ghee diyas in front of twin devis of her house temple  ,

As Rohan and Kalapini′s love story have come a long way .

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WITH LOTS OF Hugs and Kisses ,

Sweetiee Aiyyer 


Ro and Ko’s friendship

Ro′s Pani Puri  burst up as his whatsapp pings with a photo  ,

Similarly Ko′s dhai puri falls down on the ground  on seeing Ro in  front of her ,

Both of them shake their heads in ‘amusement’ ,

And  move out of the places in different direction ,

The friends laugh at them ,

But they secretly  wish to hold each other in rather a cozy  way ,

Smiling at themselves they ease out their desires .







Coupled up



Jaagrath looks up ,

Jaanya looks up ,

Both of them smile at each other ,

As their families exchange hands and marital plates .

Looking at his father Jaagrath says “ I WANT TO  TALK TO JAANYA  FOR A BIT ”,

YES ME TOO ! Jaanya says and proceeds further ,

Hmm…Jaanya I am planning to give up celebrating birthdays  he states ,

This makes her laugh because JAAGRATH′S family is  already accusing  Jaanya  to be part of his life ….,

Jaagrath looks at her with understanding ,

Glaring at his family members ,

And roars at them ‘Dare’ you break us ,

AS we are coupled up souls ,

All of them yelp in annoyance .









Ashviinii′s eyes falls on a sari  shop  ,

Kris gives her a mocking stare when she instructs him to take her there  ,

Ashviinii looks at him with a puppy face as she orders him  ,

Smiling at her Kris gives in ,

Kissing her lips and forehead ,

Kris proceeds future  and purchases ,

2 different colored saris,

one Georgette and other cotton as a surprise gift .







With LOTS OF Kiss and Hugs,












Mommy’s Little Girl

Simit  and Saarya′ s little angel  is  born out of an emotionless bond ,

Creating  a stir in Saarya′ s heart  as to what will be their future ,

The little girl′s pure touch forces her to keep  the little girl′s name as ‘Saatwika’,

Saatwika means peace and calm in Saarya‘s dictionary .


Saatwika growth now  creates a stir in Simit′s being ,

He begin to tour a lot ,

As being in daughter Saatwika′s presence  guilt of ditching them runs through his veins ,

Seeing this side of him Saarya feels at peace ,

Life moves on in lighting speed ,

By making Saatwika whatever Saarya wanted make out of her ,

After Saatwika′s marriage ,

Saarya  tells Simit to remarry  her ,

Simit brushes her lips with a passionate kiss and asks her  ‘When?’,

‘Now’ Saarya says ,

Hmm…. Simit  raising his eyes brows  and  stares at her  in contemplation .

Saatwika laughs at her father Simit′s expression ,

Simit laughs a loud ,

Saarya too joins him  in his  laughs ,

By giving him the joyous  feeling  of being ‘Saatwika ka   Papa’ .


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs ,