Ashwini =Ashwa = Doctor

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Ashwini′s are  beautiful ,

She /He beautifies their nature ,

By running like ‘Ashwa’,

Ashwa means ‘horse ’.

Like a horse they tirelessly work and achieve number one status,

Ashwini′s are   doctors too  because they understand each other hearts and difficulties ,

But most of them are not physicians ,

They belong clan of Ashwini Kumaras -the heavenly physicians,

Due to which most Ashwini′s have divinity in their nature . 

Photo Source : @hindusofuniverse 

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Photo Source : Pinterest

Photo Source : Pinterest

Aabha…….Kahaan whispers ,

What she raises her eyes brows from questionnaire laying  in front of her ,

Do not move ,

Kahaan says by touching her pink lips ,

Kahaan…..Aabha whispers  hoarsely ,

Katchak ! Katchak !Katchak !,

The camera zooms in and captures their lips especially ‘ THE PINK ONES ’.


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Gentle Man

Hello Reception Vagindra says ,

Vaanya picking the receiver up says ‘YES’in a brusque tone,

Vagindra here ,

Have my guest arrived ? he queers ,

What is name of your guest ?,

Vaanya asks now in sober tone ,

Feeling a bit guilty of her tone ,

As Vagindra speaks in  a soft and Gentle Manly  manner ,

‘Mr. Amitabh Bacchan ’,

″No ″Vaanya responds ,

And keeps the receiver down .

Immediately ‘Mr. Amitabh Bacchan ’ appears in front of eyes ,

With a warm smile Vaanya  calls Vagindra  to inform about ‘Mr. Amitabh Bacchan′s’  arrival ,

He nodes in ′Yes′,

Vagindra comes down to receive him,

But ‘Mr. Amitabh Bacchan ’is surprised to see  Vaanya behavior,

Finally asking her .. her good name,

‘‘Vaanya’’…she says softly ,

Oh what a beautifying name ,

‘Mr. Amitabh Bacchan ’ thinks ,

Leaving Vagindra stare at her 

i.e His Vaanya ~ His  ideal Soulmate .

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Love conquers fear and Kisses the soul for ever .

Kanv stop it ,

Kaavya screams ,

As Kanv Kisses her ,

Because her fears and insecurity takes over  heart rule of “Love”,

Honesty due to her Menstruation pain, cramps and being a differently able person,

Kanv understands her position and smiles .

Kaavya feel restless and helpless ,

By making Kanv kiss even more deeper ,

Kaavya′s hands wrap his neck and legs around  his waist ,

Kanv unbuttoning his jeans pant and zipping Kaavya out of her dress ,

Trusts himself into her hard ,

By keeping his head on breast nibbling her harden nipples with his tongue  .


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Moosoon Wedding

PHOTO SOURCE : Breathedreamgo

PHOTO SOURCE : Breathedreamgo

‘MONSOON WEDDING’ IS ‘PRIMAL’thing  in India ,

Fun , Masti and Dance complement it ,

For Brides it is tiresome ,

For Grooms it is full of instructions,

And for kids it is full of entertainment .


Now a days Monsoon Wedding is full  expectations,

Brides expect Grooms to be “THE TDH HUNKS”,

Grooms expect Brides to be “ Size Zero Models ”,

And the family expects them to be “ Match Made in Heaven kind of couple”,

By making them forget their own “ TRUE SELF”.

So Marriage is Gamble between expectation and reality ,

Where a girl,a lady and a woman have to comprise.

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Photo Source :

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Sun enters through  window pines ,

Waking you up for some action,

Same way Nishant′ s manly hands shower protectiveness towards his wife Saurabhi  and daughter Sia,

In the form of observing strict discipline ,

Causing irritation to them,

But still  he will ‘do’ and ‘say ’same thing over and over ,

By creating frustration in Siya to enjoy life to the fullest ,

Enters Aryan following his mentor′s Nishant ideals ,

Trying  to protect Siya with his manliness from this bitchy world  ,

Which Siya refrains by creating sadness in

Aryan′s heart ,

Until one day she realizes her mistake …,

“ Happy Fathers All” her friend PM messages with a father and daughter image.

With lots of Love ,



Photo Source : Happy New Year 2017

Photo Source : Happy New Year 2017


Saurabhi ..

I love you the most ,

Oh yes  same feeling here ,

So  what are we going to do this valentine ′s day ,

My Valentine ,

We are going to eat and sleep ,

Nishant says with a warm smile ,

And goes back to his snoring business .



With Lots of Kisses ,