Book Review of The One Who Got Away by Priyanka Menon (Harlequin)


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The One That Got Away by Priyanka Menon is wonderful book to read .It will take your memory  back  to the school days and   If you all had GF/BF with  whom you shared everything from lunch , notes and etc… finally you both part ways when schooling  is  over  . Then after a brief period  20 -25 years  what happens we you  both catch with each other   Sparks fly .Isn’t it  na ?.

Read the interesting blurb of this book here and grab a copy for yourself .

The Blurb : 

What are school friends for? Shared lunches, secrets, movies and studies.And if there is a best friend, you want to share everything with him. But do things really work out the way you want them to? Is life really fair? Shyamita and Jai know they have to go different ways once school is over. Shyamita is going to pursue dance and Jai is off to Cardiff for further studies.What happens when they meet after several years? Sparks fly, shocking them both. Before they can figure out what is happening, love strikes.

My comment  for the review written by Aarti V Raman

I wish the release date of this book on the e-commerce website should be pre pond so that I can order it this very instance.
Love to read your book Priyanka .
Thanks for wonderful review Aarti 🙂


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Priyanka Menon is my friend. Priyanka Menon is a romance writer. Priyanka Menon is a romance writer and my friend AND an accomplished spoken-word poet in her own right, but the one thing that pleasantly surprised me as I started reading “The One Who Got Away” was that she is a GOOD romance writer. Friend pride and prejudice aside, a good story can only hold your attention and interest and The One does all that and more.

Meet Mithi. She is an artist living in Paris who’s come down to Aamchi Mumbai for her besties’ – Geet and Karan’s – wedding. They have all been friends forever (since school) and the fourth point in the quartet is Jairam Nair. Mithi’s best BFF in school and someone she hasn’t seen since the last day of.

I call Shyamita Bose, Mithi, just like Jai does, because she is sweet and…

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