Saurabhi’s love for sober music

“Saurabhi lets go on a long drive with your favorite  Renault KWID  ′s latest music that has amazing jingle singer ”Nishant says with a cherry cat smile playing on his lips .

“Yep ”Saurabhi says .

Seeing her warm smile , his heart twists in pain as their friendship is going to end with his family forcing him to part ways  with Saurabhi  .But his heart  says a big ‘No’ to this  act and screams at him  by making his heart pain a lot .

Saurabhi relaxes herself by pushing her seat little behind .Closing her eyes she questions “Are you going to leave  me like you did in your  college hay days ”.

No ways ! he screams his heart out .

Saurabhi smiles at him through the tears forming in eyes and says “Baby…I  affirmed for a healthy life  for us ”

Applying brakes Nishant kisses Saurabhi′s cheeks and restarts his car by whooping in delight  ”

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The Rainny Sex

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Photo Source :

Keeping Vishal′s post in mind, I  am going imagine Rohini′s  life after  her marriage with Ajay hits  the sharp rock  .

‘Hey…,how are you Aju ?’Rohini asks him standing at the entrance of Malad West Station under a dripping roof .

‘Hi…. , good ’ Ajay replies swiftly with his eyes glancing the crowd .Shsh!  , you are still  the same no change , Rohini comments by punching his gut with her fist .

Ouch Ro! Ajay screams  at her .Rohini smiles at him and inquires “Are  you not happy being back with your ex Anita ”.

Ajay stares at her for sometime and cries a lot in front of her  by  saying “Sorry  to leave you  like this as I was being blinded by Anita‘s words and curves ”.Ha Ha , Aju you  also  can   cry  …I  thought you can make others  cry .

Whoosh , a rick crossed them splashing the muddy water formed in nearby puddle around them . “Shit  yaar !, you always make the mistake of standing close to the muddy puddle  ” Ajay mocks at her and pulls her towards his heart and kisses her lips passionately .

Rohini is too shocked to react but with teary eyes she responds to his kisses with equal eagerness .The plight of her soul is immeasurable .

Aju….you have not replied to my above question  “Are  you not happy being back with your ex Anita ” Rohini repeats herself .

“Ro…the day when I  was divorcing you my conscience started to prick me  but I  brushing aside my conscience due warming signed the documents and let ourselves free from this burdened bondage .Then I lived a happily married    life with Anita  , until one day  to my utter dismay  she started  to behave like college teen bobbers who hops from one relationship to another relationship  (typical Casanova lady) .I  tried to talk to her regarding this and requested Anita  to visit a counsellor.She refused my offer by saying ‘I  have suspicious creature now..’And to create a baby is impossible mission  now  and so I  once again I  wished for your existence in my and searching for you Ro   as my life with  you would  make some sense ”Ajay spat out all the information in front of Rohini  and leaves her .

She pulls him by his wrist and gives a basket covered with cloth “Aju jaan…this our child which I  am giving you as my present  ,please take care of her ”.

What a child  ! Ajay exclaims .

“Ro..please tell me its our child na”Ajay asks her pleadingly .

“Aju…while our  relationship hit the sharp rock ,I  become pregnant with your child !. I wanted to tell you and your family regarding this  but….you all were very eager to get rid of me and my waspish comments towards your clan  and I   have no will to live for this child and world as I  may not live for 2 months because I have been attacked by your family and Anita′s family verbally  in their endless kitty parties organized at Paradise building in Fort  and physically by threatening me at their gun point  to tear my life  apart  , if I  ever try to meet you  ” Rohini says with chuckle .

“Oh my Jeez ”Ajay says and hugs her .At that time Anita who comes along with her kitty friend feels like  endangered species  and fires a bullet from her licensed revolver , Samarat who patrols  the place sees this and  start firing  back with vengeance  .Seeing the bullets  fly in the air Rohini and Ajay secretly secures their  daughter  in the nearby temple .

Rohini now removes  her pistol and fires a bullet  in the air .Pulling and kicking Anita and rest of their group′s butt , she throw them  in a van  and sends them to the  a discreet  place   so as to treat them  in her own fashion .Samarat please do treat them specially , she says wickedly .

Ro  who are you , Ajay asks her with a smile.

“An ex army doctor who let her ambitions and desires whither away  , after her parents tied a knot with a handsome hunk Aju”Rohini says warily .

“But then…why you do not wish to live life? ”Ajay argues his case vibrantly .

Aju……., for some questions who will have find answers on your own and stop questioning like my seniors  did  she mockingly laughs at him .Rohini goes to the temple and pulls her daughter  out of  the basket and crosses the street to board  the waiting SUV  with her dear daughter .But before she boards “Ro  I  love you ”Ajay kisses her back and turns her around . Sending the driver off .Ajay and Rohini kissed each other with vigorous  intensity and tearing  Rohini cloths  ,he enters her being and Rohini moans  his Aju …seductively lying like salve under his mastery  .   Here Rohini and Ajay enjoy their pleasure pursuits, there Anita  ,her kitty  friends and both the families  enjoy Samarat royal  torturous treatment for treating Rohini an ex army doctor shabbily which was unknown fact to Ajay until today    .

The reason for torturing Rohini like this  is due to  Anita′s  hatered towards her  as she has all good qualities which she, her kitty friends  and both members of  Ajay and Anita′ s families   do not have.

Keeping his Ro′s body close to his , he feels happy yet ashamed of his behaviour towards her because even though she did come to know about his ex affairs with Anita she stayed with him until he felt the need to unburden himself with  Rohini .

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TBC Affairs

Copyrighted Image courtsey : Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes

Copyrighted Image courtsey : Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes

I  do not know when my affair with TBC began , but till today I feel dazed  on the amout of books I  have read so far which would not possible for a lone me . Sometimes I  feel good  because deadlines keeps me on line . Otherwise my life could be derailed .

Though my deepest passion is writing ,  I  do not  get  enough time to pen long and lenghty posts .As an Arts student I  used fill pages for my  economics papers so that I  get good marks and grades  .

Hmm…this is what happens in our life ,until a given period  of time we crib about us being students  .Its only after we lose our student days we yearn for it more …

As we want socialize with our  yester memories  ,but none of time /time clashes to go out for such meets .

I  am still in shock as to how I  mangaged to meet my other writer pal mates because my  kismat is like Jethalal Champa Lal Gada ka Kismat  of TMKOC  ~ a popular India Sit Com . There the  lead protagonist Jetha says “My Kismat is like this ..the moment one problem goes , the other stands around corner waiting to enter my house ”

Today I  will thank all my stars for their kind coperation …and Queen of TBC  Rubina Ramesh for organizing and hosting such a offline meet .

It was indeed great time meeting wonderful people like

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and others 

If I  left someone ,please forgive me .




The expression on Daya Bhabi′s  face i.e. above pic is what I  am having on my face right now….

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