BOOK REVIEW OF The Marriage Contract by PG VAN


                              BOOK REVIEW 

The Marriage Contract by PG Van is fabulous book to read . She has unique style of telling her stories .
I LOVE ALL HER STORIES AND CHARACTERS .Each and Every Character has grey and white shades to their persona .
Here in this story I love Karina Vora and Blake Krishna Kenndy’s character because they have strong and independent thinking .Due to this physical passion flares up easily . Not only that they have huge ego about their capabilities with Karina parents trying to cox her in sighing a deed that will allow her to lead normal life .

Hmm Blake Krishna Kennedy is charming dream prince which every girl would fall for . And Karina Vora is a fearless passionate and next door women who has soft and romantic heart .

So Grab The Marriage Contract by PG Van romance lovers to enjoy some passion moments.




Guest Post by PG Van


Today on our blog my sweet author friend P.G.Van is going to post her GP here.So please welcome her with her Reyan in his  newest avatar .

Over to you Madame,

Importance of Reyan if you had got in real life ?.

Reyan is one of my favorite book boyfriend and I think every girl dreams about and wants to be with a guy like him at all times. He is smart and hot and that is a lethal combination that can make any girl swoon but not Vinnie. Reyan is perfect for Vinnie and even with her titanium exterior she melts in his arms. She needed him in her life to resolve her internal conflicts before she surrendered herself to him. He is the extra push she needed to reach out and embrace what was hers and cherish her famiy.

He is everything anyone wants in a boyfriend, scorching hot looks, penetrating eyes and the perfect amount of dominance. He is stubborn enough to not give up on what he wants and is caring enough for you to have a tooth ache from all the sweetness. He is also a trust worthy and protective friend who will go to any extent for his friends Neel and Annie.

He is a perfect mix of spice and sweetness and I would love for him to be part of my life. He would play a very important role as a  friend or as the lover who knows how to take care of someone and to tame someone’s wild side when required.

I hope my readers  are enjoying every bit of your posting like me .


Thank you for being here with me and readers of this blog .







Book Review of the Evil Twin by P.G. Van


P.G. Van




Vinnie lost her parents when she was ten and lives in San Francisco with her aunt and her teenage cousin. She never expected a simple act of kindness would be life altering. Reyan comes into her life threatening to shake up her focus and challenges her resolve. He is everything Vinnie wants in a man and he shows up just when she thought she had everything she needed to stay focused on her life and her goals. 
Will he crack her titanium tough exterior and get to her heart? Will she let him into her life especially with what she has been through since she was ten? Will she trust Reyan to help her recover from her emotional wounds? 
Will she get to the bottom of why people think they have seen her at places that she has never been to before. Does she have a doppleganger or a twin? 


Follow Vinnie’s and Reyan’s love story as she learns the true meaning of love, trust and family.

                     Book Review 

P.G.Van  is a great writer who has penned some wonderful work .The Evil Twin  is one such work .The Evil Twin is one such work .Author has written this book in really a interesting without keeping any dull moment.

The Evil Twin by PG Van is a excellent book to read if your fan of hot romances …….She has portrayed Rey and Nandini ‘s emotions very well. What I found it odd whenever Nandini reads her fathers letter she cries a lot …that made me feel a bit difficult to gulp…
Bar scene is superb .

I love this book expect for one thing that annoyed me the most : is of Nandana being penned like a sick lump for entire family because people like Nandana are beautiful inside as well as outside .

I  wish people understand that……….

Whatever it is I like her work .

Image result for 5 roses in a row

5 roses for this book .

Tornado Giveaway 3 Book No: 13 Destiny Decides… by P.G. Van


Name of the Book: Destiny Decides…

Author: P.G. Van

Read some reviews:

  1. Nikita Jhanglani
  2. Madeline A.
  3. Rubina Ramesh

The Story:

“My body arched towards him and my head fell backwards giving him room to move his lips along the length of my neck. I reached out to run my fingers through his hair in response to the thrust from his tongue on my neck. He took in a deep breath against my neck and as he reached my ear lobe, he whispered in a very hoarse voice, “I wanted to do this at your front door”.”  

Almost a decade of pain pent up inside her, Sameera manages to lead a simple life with her older sister as her roommate. She wonders if she would have lasting happiness in her life as every time she finds happiness it is yanked away from her before she realizes it. 

Nick was her best friend in high school and is now back in her life after all these years and it is very clear that he wants more than just friendship. He expresses his need for her very early on shaking up Sameera’s quiet world. 

Will Sameera learn to stop bracing herself for the next big tragedy and learn to accept that she was destined to meet Nick? 

Is Nick the pillar of strength for Sameera to work through her challenges and internal conflicts? 

Can she trust the guy she had known many years ago? Nick is not a high school kid anymore; He is a successful businessman that leads a life of extreme luxuries. Nick seemed to know everything about her? How? She steps out of her comfort zone for Nick but can she hang on to him. Is Nick the guy that she was destined to meet or is he going to cause her another heart break? 

Take Sameera’s journey in this passionate love story as she discovers the meaning of true love and realizes the power of destiny.

You can buy the book @ | |

Check out all the books of Tornado here 







About The Author




P.G. Van lives in San Francisco and she published her first novel, Destiny Decides… in October 2015 and cannot stop writing. She loves to spend time with family and is a strong believer of retail therapy (mostly shops for boots and purses!!). She enjoys giving her readers an escape to the world of love and romance. 




Stalk her @

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Book Review of Destiny Embraces by P.G.Van


Blurb :

“You like that too? It drives me nuts when you run your stubble against my neck”. I said my voice muffled against his burning skin.
“Baby, I want you now”. He said with a deep hunger in his voice and added pulling my lips to his, “now, here. Let’s finish what we started this morning”.

Sameera was having the best time of her life, after getting engaged to Nick, her childhood friend and now her fiancée who has promised to love her endlessly.
Nick is ready to tie the knot but Sameera wants to keep her promise to the Rajput family, who is also Nick’s extended family.

In spite all the pressure from all directions to get married to Nick while they are in India, Sameera tries to hold her ground so she can stick to her plan.

Sameera and Nick experience shocking and surprising incidents and wonder if they were random or if they are linked to their destiny.
Follow Sameera and Nick’s life as they enter a new phase of their relationship, as their destiny embraces them to answer the questions that have haunted two families for decades.

Will Sameera and Nick solve the mystery behind a love story that happened decades before they were born?

Note: This book is part of a series and can be considered a stand along. The book 1 is all about how destiny brings Nick and Sameera back together and book 2 is what happens after they get engaged.

Book Review :

Destiny Embraces is the continuation of Nick and Sam love story as they try reaching new heights.

Now that both of them are madly in love with each other and they almost get married but…the head of the female lead Sam does not allow this to happen so … soon since she has been fighting her past demons and rekindling her friendship with royals who were searching for her and her sister Nate keeping the delicate thread of their dead father’s history in mind .The author has penned this story very well by giving equal importance to all her characters.


I love Nick’s stubbornness which I found in the initial pages of her book.


Their emotions and passionate encounters have moved me

Finally the ending where Samarat and Rhea get hitched and their sweet and humorous romantic beginning     caught my attention for the longest time. 

5 hot lip sticks  for this book.

❤ you PG Van!


With Lots of Love ,


Book Review of A Reckless Night




Blurb :

Varsha had no interest in starting a new relationship after what she had been through with her ex. Her sister sets her up on a blind date and to her disappointment; her date is scorching hot and smart. An irresistible combination!!

Kris had no plans to go on a date while he was on a business trip but was there to cover for his buddy who could not make it. He could not believe his luck–he did not want the night to end.

With passion fueling, the casual night they never expected to be anything explodes into a reckless night powered by desire they have never felt before. She leaves behind the man who set her entirety ablaze knowing there was no future to the thrilling night. She could not let anyone get close to her heart, a heart recovering from bruises of her past.

Will a reckless night lead to something meaningful? Will Varsha find the man who will love her while fueling her every desire?

Follow Varsha’s and Kris’s life as they give a reckless night a new life and build a future together.

Book Review :

I received the ARC through the Author for my honest review .

I love your character sketching of Varsha even though she is confident and independent she has her own  of fears of her past ,present and future which people these  day do not understand …as they set themselves on the fast track mode .


I  am drooling over Krish magnificent and charismatic persona .


With cutie pie Myra around A Reckless Night with its  magical powers has been penned nicely .


I  believe that ” Kids can create  A Magical Unexpected Love Stories like this in real life too  “


This KITAAB of yours is imputable  and अवर्णनीय (indescribable)


Soon it will be  the  next best selling book.


Have no words to express A reckless night can  create such a lovely romantic tale is quiet unbelievable.


5  cuppa cakes for this book .

      This book ‘A Reckless Night ‘ is surely the   next best selling hot romance .

Love your romances .      

Anyways once again I Thank You for sending in the ARC of  A Reckless Night for my feedback.


With Lots of Love ,




Inteview with P.G.Van

Yesterday P.G.Van obliged us by penning a GP  for us here on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes  and today she has agreed to speak about her characters Nick and Sameera.

So please  glue your eyes to the interesting Tea Tell session of ours that is going to start  now .

Welcome Ms Van to Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes .Firstly please have this tasty snack  with me .

Photo Source :

I  am a person who loves these kind of homemade farsans ,kindly bear with me if I  partake your share . 🙂

Oh now lets start with our interesting conversation , chotu zara aur palak mutiya le aana  .


Interview with P.G.Van

1.How did Nick’s character emerge from ?.

In all honesty, I built Sameera’s character and built Nick the way she needs to be able to overcome her loss and let go of the pain and since I like my book boyfriends to be scorching hot, loyal and commanding. Nick is everything by nature but is not commanding when it comes to Sameera. It’s almost like she needs him to be a certain way for her to let go of her fears and that’s how his character emerged. Along the story, I try to show him as a successful and demanding business man who turns into a softie for Sameera.

I expected Sameera to be under the spotlight throughout the story but Nick ended up being the unexpected star of the story and it was unbelievable how much people liked him. I had people constantly ask me if he was someone I knew and if he was real.

Nick will be my foundation character for all my male characters of my other books with their specific traits and nuances.

2.Nick is caring and understanding but is it possible to have a’Nick’ kinda guy in real life

Awesome question!! I definitely flirted with some extreme fantasy when it comes to Nick’s character and the idea behind that is to show how perfect he is for Sameera and since the story is from her perspective, he seems all the more perfect.

I had a bunch of my friends ask me if Nick was real because even if we know its fiction we all want some of Nick’s characteristics in the men in our lives. I had to clarify that he was an element of my imagination and that he didn’t exist.

I still remember a conversation I had with a good friend who refused to believe Nick wasn’t real and I asked her teasingly what she would do if I were to introduce her to Nick and her immediate answer was, ‘I’m married so I want him for my daughter’.

In short every woman can find their Nick in the man they love if they learn to love them in spite  of their flaws.


3.How will P.G.Van describe Sameera as ?

Sameera is your sweet girl next door type of character that is way stronger than she appears. She holds a very high value for family and relationships and feels the need to do whatever it takes to keep people around her happy.

She is the missing piece of the puzzle in Nick’s life and he can’t wait for her to be his, forever.

With the loss of her dad and other experiences in the past she is wary of everything being perfect and has lost faith in happily ever after. She is constantly bracing herself for the next big blow but eases up and learns to let go with Nick in her life.

4.What does P.G.Van like to do in her free time?..

When I am not spending time with my family, I am typing away. Writing has become an important part of my routine since I started writing about a year ago. Everything I see, everything I do in my day-to-day life inspires me to write. I form a story around something that I have experienced and build the story outline. Something that I see as a social issue is part of my story and it builds the character.Writing is a stress buster and I feel revived even if I am able to write for fifteen minutes.

5.Why a Gujarati guy and Southie girl love story ?.

Nice!!Another interesting question. Growing up in India, the decent looking guys on the screen were all from Bollywood and northern part of India so very early on I had decided I wanted a last name for the guy that would clearly indicate he was from the northern part of India. Bhatia is an interesting last name as the clan is spread out across multiple states and in this story Nick’s ancestors were from Rajasthan.

I chose Sameera to be a south Indian girl so it would be easier for me to pull her character together since I grew up in south India. I wanted her to be introduced to the customs on Nick’s side that fascinates her in the second part of the series.

The other reason is to be able to tie the multiple parts of the series together and it will be revealed in the later parts of ‘The Pure Destiny Series’. I will definitely give you more once I have the historical romance novel published which will give you more insight into why the story is specifically about a south Indian girl and a north Indian guy.

6.Which is your favourite part in this story ?

My favourite part of this story and all other parts in the series is how destiny brings the two lost friends together to become one and how it guides them through their lives as if there was a bigger reason they are together.


I hope my readers who have glued their eyes here on to this  interesting Tea Tell session  of ours  must have really enjoyed reading  your spontaneous heartfelt  responses  to the interesting question asked by me .


Hope to see you soon..

With Lots of Joy and Happiness,

Sweety from Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes