Interview With Messy

Today I have an interview with special and naughty  guest miss Misry  better known as Messy  on this blog ie Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes .

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Watch her talk about her family and her super hero  .

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Interview with Miss Messy  ❤  ! 

1.Messy what is your true name and color ?.


Ma calls me Shona. Daddy calls me Misry and sometimes child too. He also calls me sweetheart  sometimes. But Raju calls me Messy and just because of him all my friends have started calling me Messy too. And I don’t like it.

Ma says, my name Misry means sweet candy and what good is Messy? Raju once said it means you are good at nothing but it is not true.

And just like my Ma I have a very fair complexion however it is tanned now as I remain outdoors in the sun most of the time, playing with my friends.


2.Why do you idealize Mr.Amitabh Bacchan ?.


Amitabh Bacchan! Oh MY God! He is my hero. I love watching him on the big screen. The last time I watched him he had fought with so many bad guys and taught them a nice lesson. I too want to fight like him and teach a lesson to the big boys who make fun of me. Amitabh Bacchan is always there to save his girlfriend from the clutches of the villain. He is soooo strong. When I grow up, I shall marry him and he will always save me too.


3.Where do you live Ms Messy ?.


Ummm… Right now we are posted at the Battalion  Head Quarter in a small town in,West Bengal. Before that we were in the BOP camp. Every two or three years my Daddy is transferred to a new location. And once more I had to make new friends both at school and at home.


4.Describe the place where you reside ?.


I love it  here. I have lots of friends to play with both at home and at school. And the best part I am even allowed to visit homes of my friends. I love visiting Honey’s home. We have lots of fun there with his siblings. We even go to watch the movie together on the weekends. But for that I and Honey have to really please our Ma. Ma  does not enjoy Bollywood movies. She loves Bengali movies which are not showcased in the camp. When we go to Dadu’s house we go to watch Bengali movies. We also have a huge Officer’s Mess where dinner parties are arranged quite frequently. I always love going to Mess parties as I can have my favorite beverage ThumbsUp.


5.The colors used in your book are viberant ,what is your take on that?.


I am glad you liked it. I love vibrant colours. It shows energy and happiness. And I am both energetic and a very happy child.


6.What is the best line from your book Ms Messy !?.


The best line would be “Grow Up Messy!” My Ma says that with a little frown on her forehead but I know she never means it. She always means ,”Don’t Grow Up Messy!”


7.What do you think about the author of your book ?.

The author of the book, Grow Up Messy!, Paromita Goswami is a child trapped in an adult body. I think she wrote this book because she wanted to enjoy life as a child again. Every time I saw her looking up at me, her eyes were more eager to join me in the fun, especially when I was taking my swimming lessons in the muddy pool. Gosh! How adults hate it to get drenched in the rain.   


I  hope you all must have  enjoyed  our lovely little chat session here .



Guest Post by PG Van


Today on our blog my sweet author friend P.G.Van is going to post her GP here.So please welcome her with her Reyan in his  newest avatar .

Over to you Madame,

Importance of Reyan if you had got in real life ?.

Reyan is one of my favorite book boyfriend and I think every girl dreams about and wants to be with a guy like him at all times. He is smart and hot and that is a lethal combination that can make any girl swoon but not Vinnie. Reyan is perfect for Vinnie and even with her titanium exterior she melts in his arms. She needed him in her life to resolve her internal conflicts before she surrendered herself to him. He is the extra push she needed to reach out and embrace what was hers and cherish her famiy.

He is everything anyone wants in a boyfriend, scorching hot looks, penetrating eyes and the perfect amount of dominance. He is stubborn enough to not give up on what he wants and is caring enough for you to have a tooth ache from all the sweetness. He is also a trust worthy and protective friend who will go to any extent for his friends Neel and Annie.

He is a perfect mix of spice and sweetness and I would love for him to be part of my life. He would play a very important role as a  friend or as the lover who knows how to take care of someone and to tame someone’s wild side when required.

I hope my readers  are enjoying every bit of your posting like me .


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Guest Post by Rubina

Merry X -MAS ALL :-).

Today on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes , there  is this  darling Rubina who is now an author has agreed to pen a guest post for us here .

So  lets welcome her here with a special Merry Chirstmas Video 


Over to you Ruuuuuuuuuuuubinaaaaaaaaaa !.

Guest Post by Rubina 

There are many ladies wishing to be single forever, what is your reasoning in this regard?


Hhaha.. You are asking me this question 20 years too late :D. Your question made me look back and retrospect if I would have done anything different. I don’t think so. What we are today is always due to our past actions. Some make us stronger while others we either try to forget and move one or choose a different path than we would have if that incident had not taken place.

But the generation after us is different. Their wants are different, their needs are different. They have grown. I take great pride in my daughter and my son, even if I don’t agree with their viewpoint. When I was small, the topic of marriage was very prevalent in all households. Parents would start collecting things from the day a child was born. But today, it’s all about education in most of the households in big cities. I am only speaking of the social territory I associate myself with. The middle-class households.

The day I was born my mom must have wondered if I will marry a good guy and as I grew older, she must have worried if I can sustain a marriage with the ideologies I had. I too worry about my daughter. But the focus has shifted. Will she have a great career? Can she fly out of the nest? Marriage is not in the equation for me at all. So, if as a parent I have changed, how can the youngsters of tomorrow not change?

‘Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan’ (Food, Clothes, and A House) is not the worry of the menfolk alone today. Women have to think in the same way. If I tell my son, first think of building a house and then a family, I say the same thing to my daughter.

Today women are educated. Today they think a career is not an option but a necessity. Asking for Rs. 100 for shaved ice (Gola) from your husband is no more a sign of love, but dependency. But that does not mean stay- at-home moms are wrong. It’s a choice they made. I made. If it was forced on me, it would have been another story. But today, girls don’t want that choice. They want their independence. Rightfully so. And they are equipped enough to have it and until men grow up to that level, many women and a few men too would love to stay single.

I  hope you all are really enjoying her opinion   on why women want  to remind single forever  ?.

Thanks for stopping  by Guys ❤ you all .

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Guest Post by Jatin


Today on our blog we have Jatin K. Please welcome him on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes with  a purple rose .

Liitle brief about the author

Take an ounce full of imagination and a scoop of humour. Mix them well. Now put a few teaspoons of feelings and emotions and simmer until it smells good. Add spices for taste. Put the mixture on the platter of dreams and garnish it with a few peanuts of desires and some herbs of passion – that’s all it takes to be Jatin Kuberkar. Jatin is a software engineer by day and a passionate writer by night. When not tangled in software codes, Jatin likes to express his inspirations in the form of poetry, short stories, novels and essays.
Now read a  Guest Post by him 

Describe your favorite Canteen Moment from your college dairies?

 I was born and brought-up in Nizamabad. It was then, a rustic town. For us Canteen was the street side tea stall. Every moment I spent at the stall can be called a favorite canteen moment for me. The stall was a one-stop-shop for every college goer. Tea, biscuits, samosas, cigarettes, ‘packets’, ‘bottles’, ticketsto the latest movie in the town and what not! Rajesh, fondly known as ‘RajAnna’, the owner of that stall was, for us, the richest man on earth. We often owed him more money than the size of our pockets those days. He was our guru, our philosopher, peace maker, messenger, hoax buster, daily news report and an unlikely friend.

Speaking of the Canteen memory, there is one that I can never forget. It was during the fresher’s party. In our college, an informal and friendly form of Ragging was excused only on that day. As I was parking my cycle at the stand a stranger from a group called my name. I guessed by his appearance that he was my super senior. My heart started pounding at the hint of being ragged. He took me to Raj anna’s stall and asked me what can I do for him. I smiled and said ‘anything decent’. At my answer, they asked me to sing a song, dance on the street and buy tea for all of the group. I did everything, (actually enjoyed doing it). I thought, that was it, I was done with the ragging episode. But the climax was still pending.

That day, I wore a white shirt to the college. One of the seniors said that they were very happy to meet me and they wanted to give me a memorable gift. Saying so, he took out his pen, wrote a signed message on my pure white shirt. What else then, the whole group followed the suit. Not only that, they sent me to their class and all the thirty odd members signed on my shirt!

I still cherish it as one of my best.

Guest Post by Sundari

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Sundari Venkatraman an Amazon first ranker is honoring our blog with her guest post today . Please  welcome her with a sweet milk rabri as she going speak about love in today′s times .


Over to you Sundari ,


‘Love’ the word is hyped by gen X. What in actuality is the definition of true love?




I think the word “Love” has been given importance down the ages, not just by Gen X. As for a definition, it could be pretty varied for different people.


Personally, I think true love is that which isn’t possessive; doesn’t hold back the other; knows how to let go, confident that the love will come back if it belongs to one.


In a way, you can say that “love” is overly hyped nowadays by Gen X in the sense that people are desperate in their relationships with their partners. For example, there is the guy who throws acid on the woman he loves, only because she doesn’t return his feelings. It’s an insult to the word.


And then there is the woman who wants to break the man’s married life, just because he doesn’t return her “love” for him. Isn’t that simply scary?


I know of this guy who’s been in love with a girl for years. She doesn’t love him. It doesn’t really matter to him. He’s not gone searching for love elsewhere and lives his life happily. Yeah, you read that right. He lives happily, without any anger or animosity towards her. This is what I would call “true love”.


To get to my novella, The Smitten Husband, Ram is so much in love with his wife, that he’s ready to let her go once he realises that she is not be happy in the marriage. Understanding well that she might not be welcomed back into her family, he even offers to help her get trained and set up her own business, ensuring her independence. This is what I would call “true love” and it’s all about setting free the person you love.


I hope I have managed to answer your thought-provoking question. Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog.

And I hope you all   will enjoy  reading  this GP  by Sundari  on this blog ie Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes.

With Lots of Love an Hugs ,

Sweety from Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes 

Interview with KKRB OF The Mahabharata Code

Krishna′s flute is still annoyed and now KKRB  is going to chat with the flute ,lets hope for  the best we at Romance Writer With Cup Cakes are keeping our fingers crossed .

Over to you both ❤ Sweety !

1.What is ‘that element’ in Mahabharata which has attract the masses like you ?

Mahabharata will continue to remain an evergreen book forever and intrigue people of all backgrounds and age groups. The book is more relevant in today’s times as we have progressed enough and have caught up to large extent to finally understand some of the technologies described in this epic like test tube babies, use of biometry, weapons of mass destruction etc. Also in terms of manifestation of grey areas present in us humans this epic appeals to me atleast! But if i have to pick that one element that has attracted me the most, it’s got to be the Bhagwad Gita! We are living in times where people are not content and are chasing happiness, getting depressed at the drop of a hat when our desires are not fulfilled. I believe the Gita has all the answers to alleviate our miseries!
2.When Krishna went away from this world, why did Dwarka submerge itself is there any scientific reason to it?

Maybe he made an appearance on this planet to save humanity in general and not necessarily just the city of Dwarka! As i have described in the book, as we all know we are currently living in the age of KALI yuga and we are all by ourselves. Each person pays for his karma here without any divine intervention whatsoever and will be born millions of times until he is free of sins and attains salvation. Dont expect Krishna or any other god to miraculously appear in this age to say, detonate a nuclear bomb which is about to explode or save the modesty of millions of nirbhaya’s under distress on this planet.

To give a modern-day example(might not be a perfect example) until the construction of a flyover on a busy junction is complete the person who designed the flyover is available on standby to rectify the flaws in the design, fix them and test them. After the flyover is thrown open to public don’t expect this engineer to be still available all the time to fix the ever appearing potholes! The flyover was constructed to help public reach their destination (salvation) and you will have to live with these potholes whether you like it or not!
3.From where did the thought of writing this book crop up in your mind.

Combination of many factors like being born in a vaishnava family , narration of the Mahabharata every night when I was like 6-7 years old by my grandmother at an impressionable age, BR Chopra’s Mahabharata on doordarshan in the early 90s, my cosmopolitan neighbourbood in Bangalore where i grew up interacting with people of all backgrounds,language and faith which made me question my own faith, my two cute little kids Kaustubh and Raghav who inspired me to finally document what i had in my mind for 12 long years before it was too late!
4.Who is Karthik Rao ?

I am a software professional currently working for a leading MNC in Bangalore. I am married to Sushma and have two little boys Kaustubh and Raghav aged 5 and 2. The character NR and to some extent Srishti in the book are Karthik Rao! If I have to describe myself in 3 words it would be procrastinating day dreamer!
5. Which quote from Mahabharata is your favourite?

Karma is a bitch!  🙂
6. Why did Duryodana refused to accept Krishna’s vivarup darshan, give scientific reason?

Did you mean duryodhana refusing krishna’s offer of peace or vishwarupa darshan itself?

If it was vishwarupa darshan, he was probably living in denial!

With Lots of Joy and Happiness,


Guest Post by Karthik K.B.Rao

Because  Krishna′s flute  comes down to read KKBR ′s book ie  The Mahabharata code only  to complain to his master about humans writing various versions of the real epic Mahabharata .

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Today KKRB who techie by profession  will be penning a Guest Post for  us  here on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes so that flute will stop complaining about our behaviour .

Over to you !. 

Guest Post by KKRB 

What has NASA found out from Krishna’s land ?

I am afraid that will give away the entire story of my book 🙂  . To describe without revealing much in my book, NASA receives various mysterious signals from this unknown planet mostly pertaining to Indian mythology like om, swastika etc and one of them is an open invitation to their planet simply stating  “Athithi Devo Bhava!”  This could be interpreted in many ways. Did they mean ‘guest will be treated like god’ (come explore our planet and there is plenty of oil here!!) or did they actually mean ‘guest IS GOD!’ (treat this as a SOS call , please come and save us!)?

With Lots  of Joy and Happiness ,

Sweety from Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes