Interview With Messy

Today I have an interview with special and naughty  guest miss Misry  better known as Messy  on this blog ie Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes .

Please welcome this naught kid with truck load of claps . 

Watch her talk about her family and her super hero  .

Over to  us , Miss Messy .

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Interview with Miss Messy  ❤  ! 

1.Messy what is your true name and color ?.


Ma calls me Shona. Daddy calls me Misry and sometimes child too. He also calls me sweetheart  sometimes. But Raju calls me Messy and just because of him all my friends have started calling me Messy too. And I don’t like it.

Ma says, my name Misry means sweet candy and what good is Messy? Raju once said it means you are good at nothing but it is not true.

And just like my Ma I have a very fair complexion however it is tanned now as I remain outdoors in the sun most of the time, playing with my friends.


2.Why do you idealize Mr.Amitabh Bacchan ?.


Amitabh Bacchan! Oh MY God! He is my hero. I love watching him on the big screen. The last time I watched him he had fought with so many bad guys and taught them a nice lesson. I too want to fight like him and teach a lesson to the big boys who make fun of me. Amitabh Bacchan is always there to save his girlfriend from the clutches of the villain. He is soooo strong. When I grow up, I shall marry him and he will always save me too.


3.Where do you live Ms Messy ?.


Ummm… Right now we are posted at the Battalion  Head Quarter in a small town in,West Bengal. Before that we were in the BOP camp. Every two or three years my Daddy is transferred to a new location. And once more I had to make new friends both at school and at home.


4.Describe the place where you reside ?.


I love it  here. I have lots of friends to play with both at home and at school. And the best part I am even allowed to visit homes of my friends. I love visiting Honey’s home. We have lots of fun there with his siblings. We even go to watch the movie together on the weekends. But for that I and Honey have to really please our Ma. Ma  does not enjoy Bollywood movies. She loves Bengali movies which are not showcased in the camp. When we go to Dadu’s house we go to watch Bengali movies. We also have a huge Officer’s Mess where dinner parties are arranged quite frequently. I always love going to Mess parties as I can have my favorite beverage ThumbsUp.


5.The colors used in your book are viberant ,what is your take on that?.


I am glad you liked it. I love vibrant colours. It shows energy and happiness. And I am both energetic and a very happy child.


6.What is the best line from your book Ms Messy !?.


The best line would be “Grow Up Messy!” My Ma says that with a little frown on her forehead but I know she never means it. She always means ,”Don’t Grow Up Messy!”


7.What do you think about the author of your book ?.

The author of the book, Grow Up Messy!, Paromita Goswami is a child trapped in an adult body. I think she wrote this book because she wanted to enjoy life as a child again. Every time I saw her looking up at me, her eyes were more eager to join me in the fun, especially when I was taking my swimming lessons in the muddy pool. Gosh! How adults hate it to get drenched in the rain.   


I  hope you all must have  enjoyed  our lovely little chat session here .



Interview with Udai

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Being kiss day there is an interview with udai who has penned a thriller romance called  A WALK IN RAIN  here on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes

So let us all welcome with clap .

Over to you , Udai..

Interview with Udai.


1.Who is Udai Yadla in 30 words?

He is a dreamer of the largest scale. He is an optimist who always sees positive.
2.Why your romances are dark and humorous at same time?

I always believe that the depth of love can be measured in the darkest
moments. And life without humour is art without colour.
3.Which is favorite character in your book A Walk in the Rain?
Saloni, without a second thought. She is the soul of the book. She is the source
of limitless hope and courage.
4. What does family say about your personality?
My family always says that I work more than what I should be doing, although
I feel that I should be doing more than what I’m already doing.


5. Udai author is ………ambitious, simple, quiet or sulky? Why?
Udai as an author is ambitious, though simple; calm, but not quiet.


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Interview with Simi <3


So Simi K Rao has an interesting profile she is  practicing physician , photographer , poetry and AN Author of :  

1,The Accidental Wife

2,Inconvenient Relations: Book 1 of the Arranged Match Series

3,Now and Forever: A Sequel to Inconvenient RelationsKindle Edition

4,Milan (A Wedding Story)

5, An Incurable Insanity.

Hey all her books have real content  in a fiction piece .But today on my request she has beautifully penned her answers to my intriguing questions .

Do read and appreciate it !.

Interview with Simi

1.     Who is Simi K. Rao in real sense apart from being a wife, mother, doctor and writer?

That is a tough question to answer and to be truthful I’m not exactly sure. I started off as a young girl who’s only dream in life was to become a doctor. My parents encouraged me and gave me all the support to help me achieve this goal.  But afterwards reality sunk in and the search continued. Then I became a mother which was a great joy and very fulfilling but it wasn’t enough. I felt a creative void that was subsequently filled by the writer.  Still, to be frank, I continue to seek definition as my ambitions, goals and desires change with time. Like Emerson said, ‘Life is a journey not a destination.’  


2.     When did the thought of writing contemporary romance come to your mind?

I began writing contemporary romance a few years ago. It just happened. Nothing was planned. I was watching a dreary soap opera on Indian TV and got frustrated with the story line. I thought I could write something better which the modern Indian woman could relate to. I also decided to incorporate some of my own experiences as an immigrant in my writings. I began to blog and was surprised and delighted by the response. What started as a dalliance became a habit and everything else followed.


3. Is ‘ Milan’ your love story?

No, it’s not (I wish). It is an idea that came to me after I spent a week in the beautiful hill station of Coonoor. I was so enamored and enchanted by the experience that I had to incorporate it in a book.

4. In your book ‘Inconvenient Relations ‘you brought in an autistic child character congrats! for that , Is Simi .K. Rao going to bring out a romance between a normal person and person with slight problem anytime in future since you living in country where all are given equal respect ?.

Thank you 🙂 My compliments to you. You appear to be a serious reader, not someone who skips through to the juicy parts.  

The character of the child Surjit in Inconvenient Relations, provided me the opportunity to share a personal experience. I also wanted to elaborate that autism is a condition where communication and social interaction are impaired. It shouldn’t be considered a mental retardation. Unfortunately, autism is often misunderstood and children with this condition are often neglected and abused especially in a country like India where mental disorders are treated as a stigma.

As for featuring a character with a disability or other shortcomings in a romance, I already have as in my book ‘The Accidental Wife’ where the heroine after meeting with a tragic accident suffers significant physical trauma besides losing her memory.


5. Apart from multifaceted person what Simi .K. Rao loves to do the most?

When I have time, I love to read, listen to music and travel.

6.There is sudden surge in romance writers what do you think about this?


Really? I wasn’t aware of the phenomenon. I can only guess at the cause. Perhaps because romance is relatively easy to write –especially for someone taking up writing for the first time. Also, it sells since it is a popular genre. Personally, I don’t want to define myself as a romance author–my future books (when I get down to writing them) will be in the category of contemporary fiction.




With Lots of Love,



Interview with Aarti

Today on my dear blog ie Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes  a sweet Aarti V Raman has agreed to answer my question on her latest release  here which I  had mailed it  to her ,few days ago .


Over to  you Aarti !

  1. What made you to choose a dance subject for your latest book?

Dance is like all other art forms, chaotic, graceful and one finds meaning inside it, much like one can in writing or movies or books. I chose dance as one of the core themes of the book to pay homage to all the entertainers in the industry who wait endlessly for their break, never losing faith, never giving up. Sort of a parallel track when it comes to finding everlasting love, don’t you think?

  1. Abeer a laid back desi hot shot lawyer is totally your creation or is there any one in real life who has inspired you to pen him down like this?

Haha. A good writer never reveals her muse. Abeer is a combination of a lot of good, decent, reasonable men who do not fly off the handle whenever the going gets rough and a product of my imagination while watchingSuits, a US Network TV series. In fact, I have even acknowledged the leads of the series in the book.

  1. Any reason why did you choose a ‘ballet’ dance form over other dances forms like bharatnatyam and odissi

I have studied Bharatnatyam and it is intricate and painful. But I suppose the charm of watching a man prance around in a tutu performing lifts is something else, isn’t it? The other reason is the haunting music of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake that made me absolutely fall in love with the performances of the artistes.

  1. Describe Aarti in 5 words.

Five words are not enough J

  1. Your Favorite Author.

At the moment, it is Haruki Murakami and Leigh Bardugo.

  1. Describe your best bookish moments?

Don’t know what this means. Don’t think I am bookish.

I hope you all enjoy reading her cool answers here .

Thanks for keeping your keen ears  on our blog page .

Interview with a Voyager

This writer is famous for her Wordless Wednesdays Prompt Exercise wherein the she chooses and expects us to choose photo which adds  ‘some meaning’ to ‘our meainingless life’ on her blog called  “Abracabadra ”. She is Vedantist too and this you can find out  through her writings .

Please clap and welcome Ms Ruchira Khanna the creator of Raj Touristy to our blog Romance Writer With walnut Cup Cakes which had been waiting for this precious  moment  and to capture some precious memories  with our guest MS Ruchira tonight with some walnut cakes and coffee… for the guest .

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Have a seat Ruchira and answers the questions which we have asked you on Romance Writer With walnut Cup Cakes with ease !

Over to you Ms R.. Have a great time answering these questions.

Interview with Ruchira 

1.Introduce Ruchira in three words ?.

Just Another Soul


2.In blog Abracadabra I have seen healing column, what is it all about ?.

I am a healing practitioner thus, the above  🙂



3.Do you believe in work of ‘Positive Force’?.


Energy if positive when doing a certain work, sure can yield results. Now, sometimes the results would not be in one’s favor but gotta take what’s delivered and carry on! Being detached to the result is the key to happiness!


4.Throw some light on methods of healing and its powers ?.


There are many methods of energy healing.

To name a few: Reiki, Pranic Healing, Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Theta Healing etc.

With regards to powers…they all work towards healing the body by increasing the immunity and the energy levels.


5.What are your future projects ,any kid book in making ?.


Currently working on another fictional novel. Children’s book is in the back burner for now  🙂


6.What is one and only one mantra for the budding writers ?.

Follow your heart!


Thanks for the wonderful replies ,we are indeed blessed to have you here on our blog .

With Lots of Hugs and Kisses ,

Romance Writer With walnut Cup Cakes Team