Kahaan Mehta ‘s Friendship

PHOTO SOURCE : Best Love Sms

PHOTO SOURCE : Best Love Sms

Kahaan Mehta ′s  friendship ,

Is like million light years ,

Without him me Keya Mehta   is not complete ,

His smiles touches my soul ,

By making  yearn for more .



Pilot Kahaan Mehta′ s laughter creates a racket in my hearts,

Tch Tch my mind screams a lot ,

When someone says something ‘bad’ about my Kahaan ,

But his just relax attitude  ‘awwhs’ me  as if he is the 10th world  wonder ,

And I Mrs. Keya Kahaan Mehta laughs with him in a rhymer .


Winds buzz our ears ,

Leaves sings in the glee,

Creating a truancy between us called “ Friendship””.


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs,










Photo Source : Pinterest

Photo Source : Pinterest

Aabha…….Kahaan whispers ,

What she raises her eyes brows from questionnaire laying  in front of her ,

Do not move ,

Kahaan says by touching her pink lips ,

Kahaan…..Aabha whispers  hoarsely ,

Katchak ! Katchak !Katchak !,

The camera zooms in and captures their lips especially ‘ THE PINK ONES ’.


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs,