Love is Purple

Nishant darned himself for  being an nerd ,

As Saurabhi  has been bitten by ‘nerd fear bug’ ,

Because he hurt her  sensitive heart ,

By using his wapish tongue against her  ,

And hence this is effect of it ,

That she  now  does not talk to any one in their  family ,

Due to which his entire love life has turned up side  down ,

Since then her Love  towards him ,

Has Turned Purple .


With Lots of Love and Hugs ,




Love Sandwich

Nishant Stares at his Princess Myra  in disbelief ,

Take me in Dad she whispered before anyone would hear,

Tears Tumbes down her eyes as if it sandwiched her heart  ,

What happened to you  is just her father Nishant Quirks ,

Saurabhi eyes blazing  with fire towards the society ,

That society which says   something rubbish about  her princess Myra behaviour ,

Behaviour and character are developed in both ways ,

Internal and External,

But then….why distaste a judgement made by a person ,

Looking at Nishant and Myra she whispers “Nothing is Impossible”,

So Go Run!and Get to whats it  proposes !,

To reach your destination she says with sly smile   ,

Madame Nishant smiles wickedly ,

Making his princess Myra blossom in surprise ,

That is what Love is all about .


With Lots of Joy and Happiness,





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Sidewalk Love

Nishant loves the touch of Saurabhi′s lips on his  cheeks ,

Feeling her soft lips on his cheeks  he decides to sidewalk her 

By making Saurabhi his  bride ,

But  But Saurabhiiiiiiiii is tough nut to decode  , 

So in order to break the tough nut called ‘Saurabhi ’,

He has to take her to see LalBaugh cha raja ,

As he is wish-fulfilling goodness lord,

Photo Source : www.

Photo Source : www.

The way in which he is sitting looks so dynamic ,

And he wished to gain such a dynamic confidence to kisses Saurabhi′s lips that are quiet inviting  ,

Finally  after restricting himself  from not touching her red lips with his equally  juicy lips  for several moments  , 

He favours her red lips like nectar which his soul wanted badly  ,

Without which Nishant′s life would probably end…

 With Lots of Joy and Hugs ,


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Nishant’s India


Saurabhi…………., Nishant wakes up with the beads of perspiration forming on his forehead as he sees a bad dream with his Saurabhi being shallowed by the deadly wolves.

With a thud he gets out of  their bed in search of water .Nishant gulping  the water down from the jug which he finds in the kitchen counter wishes for peaceful and every green India which he and everybody in his country would love to see and want it for real  , but will that day come ….he questions himself  .

At that time he sees Saurabhi –his wife lighting the lamp of their house temple and she then closes her eyes with palms folded in respect she  prays hard .And seeing Saurabhi  praying  hard and sending the healing effect to universe he find hopes and smiles to himself by muttering a poem 

India is Ma, 

Blue Skies , Ocean , Glaciers , Rivers , Tributaries are her body guards ,

If some thing happens to her  and her children ,

Immortal Souls will mortified  them ,

And this will give us a hope to live without fear ,

Again and Again,

Jai Hind !.

With Lots of Joy and Happiness,




Saurabhi’s love for sober music

“Saurabhi lets go on a long drive with your favorite  Renault KWID  ′s latest music that has amazing jingle singer ”Nishant says with a cherry cat smile playing on his lips .

“Yep ”Saurabhi says .

Seeing her warm smile , his heart twists in pain as their friendship is going to end with his family forcing him to part ways  with Saurabhi  .But his heart  says a big ‘No’ to this  act and screams at him  by making his heart pain a lot .

Saurabhi relaxes herself by pushing her seat little behind .Closing her eyes she questions “Are you going to leave  me like you did in your  college hay days ”.

No ways ! he screams his heart out .

Saurabhi smiles at him through the tears forming in eyes and says “Baby…I  affirmed for a healthy life  for us ”

Applying brakes Nishant kisses Saurabhi′s cheeks and restarts his car by whooping in delight  ”

With Lots of Joy and Happiness ,