Sun enters through  window pines ,

Waking you up for some action,

Same way Nishant′ s manly hands shower protectiveness towards his wife Saurabhi  and daughter Sia,

In the form of observing strict discipline ,

Causing irritation to them,

But still  he will ‘do’ and ‘say ’same thing over and over ,

By creating frustration in Siya to enjoy life to the fullest ,

Enters Aryan following his mentor′s Nishant ideals ,

Trying  to protect Siya with his manliness from this bitchy world  ,

Which Siya refrains by creating sadness in

Aryan′s heart ,

Until one day she realizes her mistake …,

“ Happy Fathers All” her friend PM messages with a father and daughter image.

With lots of Love ,




Photo Source : Happy New Year 2017

Photo Source : Happy New Year 2017


Saurabhi ..

I love you the most ,

Oh yes  same feeling here ,

So  what are we going to do this valentine ′s day ,

My Valentine ,

We are going to eat and sleep ,

Nishant says with a warm smile ,

And goes back to his snoring business .



With Lots of Kisses ,





Say Na Something Saurabhi …

    Dude there is nothing brewing between us as such you know that Vivek !, Saurabhi says with a slight glint playing in her eyes .Accha….Sau…….rabhi , what are you going then ….? Vivek question . “Teaching someone”Saurabhi replied … Continue reading